Carrots And Cream – Game Jam Build Download

carrots and cream

Carrots and Cream is a short and very strange game that makes the simple act of cooking into a rather dread filled and ultimately disgusting experience.

Atmosphere is everything in Carrots and Cream, the creepy audio and shaky video turn the otherwise mundane task of creating Carrots and Cream (don’t worry we’ve never heard of that particular dish either) into a tense and oddly horrific experience.  Throughout it’s short 5 minute playtime you control various different actions with the mouse – such as digging for carrots and grating them into a bowl of cream.

It’s a very odd and unsettling experience from start to grisly finish – a cooking game that definitely won’t leave you with an appetite.

Check Out a Carrots and Cream Gameplay Video Here

Download Carrots And Cream Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android)