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Castaway Kirk is a great looking adventure game that blends point and click puzzles with first person exploration as you try to escape a mysterious, mystical island.

The Castaway Kirk Alpha Demo is the prologue to the full game, set just before you land on the island, stranded in the ocean on a boat that keeps on breaking down.  Your boat is dead in the water, but there’s an island in the distance – with a bit of guile, luck and cunning, you should manage to make it to dry land.

Castaway Kirk is played entirely in first person but the gameplay most resembles that of classic point and click adventures, complete with inventory and devious puzzles that will tax your grey matter.  Much like the great point and click adventures of old, it’s easy to overlook a vital object, so you’d better pay close attention to your environment if you want to get that boat moving again.

Each time you fix something on the boat another thing breaks, in-fact it seems as if a malevolent force is at work at times – maybe you should leave that island well alone!

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download The Castaway Kirk Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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