Castle of Alchemists – Prologue

Castle of Alchemists features a fast paced fusion of tower defense, action RPG and top-down shooter gameplay as an alchemically advanced warrior defends a castle from enemy hordes.

In Castle of Alchemists you are Bellator, an enhanced super soldier who has one mission – make sure the castle doesn’t fall. You are the last line of defense and are a formidable fighter, but you won’t win the fight alone, you’ll need to construct some defenses too.

The prologue features a large chunk of gameplay and impresses with it’s excellent pixel art visuals and fast paced gameplay. There are lots of different traps, towers and weapons you can craft, allowing for different tactical options and powerful synergies. See if you can find one that will keep the hordes at bay!

Download Castle of Alchemists: Prologue Here (Steam)