Castle Outlaws – Beta Download

Castle Outlaws it a fun CoD: Zombies-esque top down fantasy dungeon crawler that sees you battling hordes of enemies, unlocking new parts of the maps and fighting powerful bosses.

In Castle Outlaws you take control of Thala, a young mage who finds that her allies’ castles have been captured by the forces of Elemand and she must now defeat them to free her friends and reclaim the castles. It won’t be easy though – the enemy hordes attack in increasingly challenging waves that can come from any direction.

The current build of Castle Outlaws features three levels and three playable characters (two of which are unlockable). The gameplay loop is similar to CoD: Zombies, with you starting each map in a small area, but with you able to unlock more of the map, operate traps and purchase items with the cash you earn from destroying the enemy hordes. Each character has their own unique attacks, but you can’t just spam the attack button – once your mana bar is depleted continued attacks will cause your health to deplete.

It’s a fun game, with charming pixel art visuals, fast paced horde battling combat and a satisfying gameplay loop of combat, earning cash and unlocking new areas. A fast paced dungeon crawling castle storming adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Castle Outlaws Beta Here (Windows)