Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia – Alpha Demo

Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia is a very impressive fan made sequel to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia with fluid, skill based combat, excellent character animation and challenging old school gameplay.

In Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia you take on the role of Shanoa, the heroine from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She’s pretty nimble, capable of attacking with two different weapons, sliding, dodging, double jumping and a powerful flying knee kick. You’ll really need to master those moves too, as the current build is particularly tough, with no health pick-ups and lots of deadly enemies to dispatch.

The current build offers a small but challenging taster of things to come, with four different enemy types to dispatch and four different weapons to find. The full game promises 10+ unique weapons, enchantments, lots of equipment, relics and a fully fleshed out narrative that follows on from the full game – dealing with the adoption of Glyph magic by the Church and the consequences that follow.

Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia is still very early in development, but it shows a lot of promise – the combat feels great and the level design, pixel art animation and audio all feel authentically like a classic Castlevania game. Well worth checking out for fans of the series or anyone that’s up for a real challenge!

Tips: Click the maximize icon in the window tab to play in fullscreen. Hold up when standing over a weapon glyph to pick it up. You can press Down, Forward, X to do a flying knee kick.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia Alpha Demo Here (Windows)