Cat Lighter Dasher – Game Jam Build


Cat Lighter Dasher, made for the 365 Indies Jam, is a challenging puzzle platforming adventure that centers around dealing with the loss of your friend.

You have gone looking for your lost love, exploring the underground in hopes of finding them. As you explore, your light will slowly fade. If it becomes completely dark, you will die and need to restart. This light can be replenished by going to large fires that act like checkpoints, finding notes from your friend, or by picking up the items monsters drop. You are able to dash through monsters, breaking their spirit apart and causing them to drop bits of light. Some monsters cannot be dashed through and are just there to watch you on your journey, though most can be destroyed.

The game world of Cat Lighter Dasher is quite open, with no guidance on what direction to go to, but you must explore as much of it as you can and read the letters that were left behind. These letters tell a tale of loss of a loved one and how you attempt to deal with it. You know that your friend cannot be brought back, but you are hoping to be closer to them, to somehow deal with their loss instead of just forget about them completely.

It’s an interesting game, with excellent pixel art visuals, challenging gameplay and an emotional story of loss. Find light in the darkness of this powerful and stylish little platforming adventure.

Play Cat Light Dasher Here (Browser & Win)