Catabasis – Game Jam Build Download

Catabasis is a surreal and dream-like RPG Maker top-down horror adventure where you venture into the afterlife to try and save your brother.

Created for the Dream Diary jam, Catabasis starts with you in a hospital where your brother is dying in a hospital bed. Thankfully you have the ability to explore circles of the afterlife where you’ll meet angels, learn special “Pentacle” powers and collect four important parts to hopefully save your brother. You’ll have to be careful though – not everything is friendly!

It seems that some aspects of Catabasis remain unfinished or rough around the edges due to the time constraints of the jam, but you can still play through the whole game and have a great time. The artwork is fantastic, there are some fun gameplay twists and the characters you meet are all very interesting. Catabasis’ surreal afterlife world is a fascinating and rich place to explore each section of it feels very unique. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Catabasis Here (Windows)