Catch! A Fishing RPG – Game Jam Build Download

Catch! A Fishing RPG

Catch! A Fishing RPG is a wonderful fishing RPG made for the MiniLD #56, that sees you battling all manner of sea creatures in Pokemon-style battles.

This beautiful game puts you in the family business of fishing. You are a disabled person, who is stuck in a wheelchair, due to some sea-related accident that killed off your family. Every day you must set out to the docks to catch fish. Sea bass, lobster, anchovies, shrimp, and even mermaids are among what is out in the ocean to catch.

To catch a fish, you must battle it in a Pokemon-styled battle. The further you make it into the mysterious seas, the more interesting things get. Wolf fish, pirates, king crabs, all show up in the deeper waters. King Crabs are special fish, and offer you aid if you do not catch them. Pirates must be batted (though they do remind you of your family).

At the end of the day, either when you run out of bait or get hungry, you must return to the market. At the market, there is a small fish stand where you can sell your fish. Each fish has its own price, some worth more than others. At this stand you can also buy gear; bait to fish with, fishing nets to slow down enemies, or shark repellent so you can go into shark infested waters, thus allowing you to go deeper into the sea. After the market, you can go home to cook your remaining fish, eat, sleep (which heals you), or go back out to the dock and continue fishing.

Catch! A Fishing RPG is a charming game, full of the mysteries of the ocean. The fun gameplay, variety of species of fish, along with the special sea creatures, will certainly get you hooked!

Download Catch! A Fishing RPG HERE (Win Only)