Strayed Lights – Beta Demo

Strayed Lights is a visually stunning Souls-like third person action adventure that focuses on parry-based combat as a being of light has an awakening.

In Strayed Lights you are a tiny being of light who awakens in a dark oneric world full of mysterious creatures (some friendly, some not so friendly). The core combat is color and parry focused, with you able switch between two … Read More

Delares – Kickstarter Demo

Delares is an open world pixel art roguelite action RPG where a travelling merchant rids the world of giants whose existence causes chaos within the world.

In Delares you will travel from city to city through a procedurally generated world that’s home to all kinds of mythical creatures. You can play the games in different ways, so you can become a peaceful explorer, a skilled … Read More

The Lacerator – Pre-Alpha Download

The Lacerator is a darkly comedic retro fixed camera survival horror game that draws inspiration from trashy video nasty slasher movies.

In The Lacerator you step into the shoes of Max, a porn star who loves sex. You and your crew have been captured by a psycho called The Lacerator. You now need to explore his lair, solve puzzles, fight monsters and escape the hideout. … Read More