Snowy Path – Student Game Download

Snowy Path is a tense frostbitten survival horror adventure where a young Iroquois girl solves puzzles and fights for her survival atop an enchanted mountain.

Created by a group of students from Gamagora, MAAAV and CPE, Snowy Path is a first person survival horror adventure where you fend off the cold, fearsome beasts and a malevolent spirit as you make you explore an enchanted mountain. … Read More

Esse Proxy – Alpha Demo

Esse Proxy is a slick, stylish and brutal top-down Hotline Miami-esque twin-stick shooter, where you fight gangs, corporations, cultists and corrupt government officials in a dystopian cyberpunk city.

In Esse Proxy you take control of a team of uniquely skilled rebels who are fighting back against the corruption in a dystopian city. Different team members are sent out on missions organised by your leader, … Read More

Sky Beneath – Alpha Demo

Sky Beneath is a gravity bending third person Sci-Fi puzzle platforming adventure where you have the ability to instantly flip gravity in any direction you like!

Sky Beneath takes place on a distant planet where a cooperative effort between humans and an alien mining company went terribly wrong. You take on the role of a scavenger who explores the abandoned mines and alien facilities in … Read More