The Indie Game Legend 3D – Alpha Demo

The Indie Game Legend 3D is a fantastic retro styled dungeon crawling first person shooter with metroidvania elements, that sees you blasting monsters, solving puzzles and rescuing a variety of indie game developers to stop pixel art platformers from dying out.

In The Indie Game Legend 3D you take on the role of an elite soldier who has been sent on a mission to save … Read More

Hyss – Alpha Demo

Hyss is a charming dual character fantasy puzzle platforming adventure in which a little gnome and a big troll team up to help save cows that are stuck in fairy puzzle traps.

After the Cow Queen accidentally sat on a fairy, the fairies have declared war on the poor cows, abducting them and trapping them inside cleverly designed puzzles that cannot be solved by just … Read More

LEGS – Student Project Game

LEGS is a hilarious first person adventure in which God chats to you as you search for your purpose in life and discover the many things God has created – including ‘stairs’, which he has a particular fondness for!

In LEGS you take control of a being (named ‘Not God’) that has been brought into existence by God. You have no arms and no mouth, … Read More

Indagar – Alpha Demo

Indagar is a freaky first person horror game that sees you searching an abandoned apartment building for your daughter.

In Indagar you take on the role of a worried father whose daughter has been kidnapped. You receive instructions to come alone to an old apartment building called “La Hacienda” and when you get there you find it to be abandoned – or almost abandoned, there … Read More