DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands – Kickstarter Demo

DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands is a lighthearted musical RPG adventure where you explore a magical forest full of super-buff enemies and recruit band members to help you win a cursed battle of the bands.

Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Toejam & Earl, DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands offers a fun twist on the traditional turn based RPG adventure as you use … Read More

Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game

Dungeons and Flatmates is a very funny Skyrim spoofing first person RPG adventure where you solve puzzles, complete quests, level up, chat to NPC’s and collect loot – all within the confines of your filthy shared apartment!

In Dungeons and Flatmates you take on the role of a flatmate who has been summoned to the “Kingdom of Filthiness” (your shared flat), where you will complete … Read More

Arken – Alpha Download

Arken is a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past-esque retro top-down action RPG adventure where each time you start a new game you’ll play in an entirely new procedurally generated world.

The core gameplay of Arken most resembles A Link to the Past, with you able to explore a large open world, talk to NPC’s, collect loot, battle enemies, solve … Read More

Trapout – Kickstarter Demo

Trapout is a tricky little escape room point and click adventure where every second counts as you solve puzzles and attempt to escape before you die.

The full game of Trapout will follow six individual characters who were all kidnapped and find themselves trapped in separate unique escape rooms. They will have to search for clues, solve puzzles and work fast to escape their rooms … Read More

New Message – Game Jam Build

New Message is a creepy little low rez Black Mirror inspired first person horror game where you find someone’s cell phone and follow the instructions that are texted to it from a mysterious stranger.

Drawing inspiration from “Shut Up and Dance” from season 3 of Black Mirror, New Message starts with you picking up a phone that a nervous looking guy on a train … Read More