Northbound – Student Game

Northbound is an atmospheric narrative driven first person adventure about taking a road trip with some old childhood friends.

In Northbound you take on the role of a young(ish) man who has graduated from university but is lacking direction and purpose in his life. Your fondest memories are of your childhood, when life was simple and fun, so to try and rekindle the feeling you … Read More

A Scholar’s Tale – Student Project Game

A Scholar’s Tale is a dark narrative-driven first person platforming adventure that tells three linked stories as a scholar reads a mysterious tome found within a mystical library.

A Scholar’s Tale starts in a magical library that floats beyond a veil of distant stars, untouched by anyone bar the scholar that protects it for hundreds of years. However, one fateful day he enters the central … Read More

Dim: A Light In The Dark – Student Project Game

Dim: A Light In The Dark is a dark and atmospheric Inside-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where you use burning energy sources to help you traverse a giant mechanical factory.

Created by a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dim: A Light In The Dark sees you taking control of a mysterious robotic being as they make their way into … Read More

Esothe – Prototype Download

Esothe is an incredibly picturesque third person puzzle platforming adventure where you explore a large open world that’s packed full of stunning vistas and secrets to discover.

Drawing inspiration from Gothic, Tomb Raider, Legend of Zelda and Ico, Esothe is a beautiful, mystical explorative puzzle platforming adventure set in a mysterious forgotten land. In the game you take control of a lone wanderer as … Read More