Shadows of Kelper – Alpha Demo

Shadows of Kelper is a first person survival horror adventure set aboard a spaceship that’s suffered catastrophic damage and is grotesque Lovecraftian tentacle monsters and freaky mutant abominations.

In Shadows of Kelper you follow the journey of Sergeant Cooper, a crewmember of a spaceship bound for the planet Kelper. The current demo build takes place aboard the spaceship and sees Cooper waking up half-naked in … Read More

Rustle – Tech Demo

Rustle is a charming and beautifully drawn point and click puzzle adventure that takes place within the pages of a pop-up storybook.

In Rustle you help a cute little woodland being as they make their way through a whimsical fantasy world based within the pages of a pop-up storybook. It’s controlled entirely with the mouse (or touch on Android devices), with you clicking on areas … Read More

Sinistria – Kickstarter Demo

Sinistria is a tense and atmospheric first person psychological horror adventure that explores themes of religious fanaticism, witchcraft and domestic violence as you unearth the dark past of an abandoned town called Sinistria.

In Sinistria you take on the role of a freelance painter whose wife mysteriously went missing a year ago. In search of her you eventually ends up in an old abandoned town … Read More