Tempus Fugit – Game Jam Build

Tempus Fugit is a pleasant little game where you chat to passengers on a train to collect enough memories to play for your fare.

You’ve been caught without a ticket by the ticket inspector on the train you’re travelling on. Thankfully rather than throwing you off the train the ticket inspector is happy for you to pay with memories. You now need to chat to … Read More

Hollow Cries – Alpha Download

Hollow Cries is a tense and atmospheric Five Nights at Freddy’s style jump scare horror game where you talk to ghosts on a Ouija Board and use your flashlight to fend off monsters who attempt to attack you at night.

Currently in development by Hann Made Studios (creators of the similarly themed Dark Veer), Hollow Cries puts you in the shoes of a young … Read More

TAPE: Unveil the Memories – Alpha Demo

TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a creepy Spanish psychological horror adventure with puzzle elements where you use an old Super 8 video camera to manipulate time.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2017, TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a first person horror adventure where you use a time bending Super 8 video camera to find out what happened to your missing father. … Read More

No Delivery – Alpha Demo

No Delivery is a creepy RPG horror adventure set in a haunted pizza parlour where employees are expendable and straying too far can mean you won’t live long enough to clock out.

In No Delivery you take on the role of a randomly selected employee who works the nightshift at a haunted pizzeria. You need to explore, clean up and survive until the end of … Read More

Notebook Detective – Student Game

Notebook Detective is a first person detective game where you use clues and the statements of three different witnesses to help solve a murder in a prohibition era speakeasy.

Created by students of the Breda University of Applied Sciences, Notebook Detective is a unique little first person detective game where you attempt to solve the murder of a man at a 1920’s speakeasy. You can … Read More