Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure – Alpha Demo

Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure is a charming narrative-driven open world adventure where you spend a summer making friends, becoming a lifeguard and enjoying life in an 80s seaside town.

In Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure you take on the role of a young woman who has gone to stay with her grandpa for the summer in an idyllic seaside town. Your grandpa was a … Read More

Frontier Diver – Game Jam Build Download

Frontier Diver is a creepy little PS1 styled subsea horror game where you pilot a high-tech submersible down to the depths in search of new forms of life.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam by Modus Interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and the Siren Head game), in Frontier Diver you pilot a submersible and explore the ruins of an ancient … Read More

Disposal – Game Jam Build Download

Disposal is a creepy little Sci-Fi horror first person shooter where you awaken in a strange facility full of gruesome monsters and go in search of answers.

Created for the SCREAM MACHINE game jam, is an odd little horror FPS with a unique visual style that blends 3D environments and hand drawn 2D enemies. In the game you awaken from a pod to find yourself … Read More

Ikai – Prototype Download

Ikai is a tense Japanese folklore inspired psychological horror game which follows a priestess as she vanquishes trapped spirits in a Feudal era temple.

In Ikai you take on the role of a priestess who was sworn to protect a sacred temple, but did quite the opposite. The temple is now forsaken by the gods and haunted by evil spirits. You must now make your … Read More