Once Upon a Möbius Strip – Game Jam Build Download

Once Upon a Möbius Strip is an excellent little Lucasarts inspired Game Boy styles point and click adventure where you try to reverse the effects of your Uncle turning your house into a Möbius Strip!

Created for the Black and White Jam, in Once Upon a Möbius Strip you follow the adventure of a young girl who is trying to go to the bathroom. Ordinarily … Read More

Sorry, We’re Open – Beta Demo

Sorry, We’re Open is a turn-based roguelite horror CRPG where you manage a supermarket, discover secrets and battle weird monsters.

Currently in development by Oates (creator of Nobody’s Home and No Delivery), Sorry, We’re Open is an RPG Maker based horror CRPG with roguelite elements, where you attempt to run a supermarket without dying. You work at your customer service counter during shifts, where … Read More

Memphis, Bubbleland – Game Jam Build Download

Memphis, Bubbleland is a very weird and inventive experience where you join other players on a sightseeing tour around the remnants of a Memphis that was ravaged by swarms of flying eels.

Created by Sand Gardeners (creators of Exhaustlands and Cashbags) is a very unique game where you take a virtual bus tour through the desolate remains of Memphis. Interestingly, you have to turn … Read More

Note of the Day – Alpha Demo

Note of the Day is a tense and atmospheric PT inspired first person psychological horror game where everyone on Earth has vanished, leaving you all alone.

In Note of the Day you awaken to find that everyone has vanished and you’re left alone with no one to talk to. You walk through a PT-esque looping corridor and as you do you find hastily scrawled … Read More