The Fallen Crown – Pre-Alpha Download (GameBoy Color)

The Fallen Crown is a very impressive new metroidvania adventure being created for the Game Boy Color, which sees an undead knight unravelling the mysteries of an ancient monolith.

In The Fallen Crown you are the latest in a line of hopefuls who are attempting to discover the secrets of an ancient monolith called “The Tower”. May have died before you, but thankfully you’re already … Read More

Zero Division – Open Alpha

Zero Division is a roguelike deck-building CCG where you take control of a team of three operators who use augmented abilities to fight their way through a cyberpunk city.

In Zero Division you will be able to choose 3 uniquely skilled operators (from a roster of 9) and fight your way through the shattered streets of Zerzura City. Each of the operators has their own … Read More