Something Strange About Uncle Howard – Game Jam Build

Something Strange About Uncle Howard is a dark and surprisingly powerful point and click horror game about your monstrous “uncle” feeds off your family’s unresolved issues.

Your strange uncle Howard has come for dinner and now sits menacingly at the end of the table. You now need to look around your home and select objects that will give you something to talk about during dinner. … Read More

Moncage – Prototype Download

Moncage is a very cleverly built perspective based puzzler where you attempt to align 3 dimensional scenes depicted on sides of a cube, so that they can interact with each other.

In Moncage you explore scenes that take place on a secluded island and an abandoned factory. Various scenes from the game’s world are depicted on a mysterious cubic device (the Moncage). Your only form … Read More

Dark Horizon – Alpha Download

Dark Horizon is a beautiful and creepy platforming adventure where a young boy sets out to save his village from a factory that’s polluting his village and spawning smoky monsters that lurk in the shadows.

The smog-filled world of Dark Horizon is a pretty grim place to live in. The smog is making everyone ill, dead birds litter the rooftops and dying/dead people litter the … Read More

The Search Party That Never Came – Student Project game

The Search Party That Never Came is a freaky little five minute PS1-era styled horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a chainsaw wielding masked psycho in a maze-like building.

During its brief play time, The Search Party That Never Came offers up an interesting mix of play styles and camera placement that makes it feel a little like a super-condensed homage to Resident Read More