Seclusion – Alpha Demo

Seclusion is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure that draws inspiration from Myst and Riven as you explore a strange world that you were transported to through an old painting.

In Seclusion you awaken in a mysterious world after a painting transported you there. It’s a beautiful place, with jaw dropping vistas and floating islands, but there is a problem – the painting that you … Read More

The Mission – Alpha Demo

The Mission is a very stylish creepy crawly physics based action platformer where you control a spider-bot as it jumps, swings and fights its way through a hostile planet full of deadly enemies and huge bosses.

In The Mission you control a little spider-bot that has been sent on a mission to explore a dangerous alien planet. The planet is full of deadly traps, weird … Read More

DREAMO – Alpha Demo

DREAMO is an inventive first person puzzle adventure where you place cogs to solve cubic puzzles and escape from the mysterious dream-like world you’re trapped in.

In DREAMO you play as Jack Winslow, a renowned pharmacologist who is trapped in a coma following a plane crash. With a little assistance from doctors who you hear talking to you, you must now solve puzzles based in … Read More