Sacrificial Wool – Game Jam Build

Sacrificial Wool is an inventive little puzzle adventure where you fiddle with the game’s settings to help overcome hazards and sacrifice a sheep.

In Sacrificial Wool you literally attempt to guide a lamb to the slaughter and the settings menu plays an integral part in it. In each screen there is an obstruction or hazard that your little sheep can’t pass, but fiddling around with … Read More

Brownie Cove Cancelled – Game Jam Build

Brownie Cove Cancelled, a bizarre little oddity created for Ludum Dare 43, sees you milling about a strange airport while you wait for your flight to Brownie Cove, which gets massively delayed.

You are at a somewhat busy airport. There isn’t much to do while waiting for your fight, apart from exploring around and seeing what other people have to say. Everyone around you … Read More

Alchemy Story – Alpha Demo

Alchemy Story is an adorable little farming sim where you grow and pick herbs, tend to animals and create potions in your quaint country home.

In Alchemy Story you take control of Arabella, a young apprentice alchemist who lives near a village that’s been struck with a dark magic which has turned all the other humans into animals. You must now tend to your farm, … Read More

Freja And The False Prophecy – Kickstarter Demo

Freja And The False Prophecy is a 2D action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Norse mythology as you traverse the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil in search of redemption.

In Freja And The False Prophecy you take control of Freja, a formidable but fallible viking warrior who returns from a raid to discover an incurable disease has infected her land and the gods may have … Read More

Dark Places – Beta Download

Dark Places is an intense psychological horror adventure that blends survival horror, platforming, puzzles and run n’ gun gameplay as you slowly descend into madness.

In Dark Places you take on the role of a daemon hunter who explores a hellish labyrinthine world searching for answers and dealing with nightmarish creatures as he slips into madness. The visual style of the game is reminiscent of … Read More