Return – Game Jam Build Download

Return is an atmospheric little low rez puzzle adventure where you search for parts to modify a satellite uplink to call for a lift after crashing into the moon.

Created for the Low Rez Jam, Return sees you exploring the surface of a crater on the moon and searching for the various parts required to get your satellite uplink up and running again. You’ve just … Read More

Outpost Glacier – Alpha Download

Outpost Glacier is a first person open world survival game where you scavenge, craft, build and hunt in a frozen wasteland.

Forget global warming, the icy world of Outpost Glacier has undergone some serious global cooling, with the entire planet now plunged into sub-zero temperatures. You take on the role of a lone survivor who must scavenge resources, craft useful items, build structures and … Read More

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army – Student Game Download

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army is a fun little third person action adventure that sees you leading an army of demonic minions as you attempt to avenge the death of your father, The King of Hell.

In Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army you take control of Princess Darkfire – a princess of Hell, whose father has just been murdered by his aide Maidmon, in an … Read More

The Wilhelm Contract – Alpha Download

The Wilhelm Contract is a creepy little retro styled first person horror game where you take on the role of an exorcist who uses mirrors to see ghosts lurking in the darkness.

In The Wilhelm Contract you are an exorcist who has been contracted to travel to a creepy old mansion and put to rest the rumors that it’s haunted by malevolent spirits (or put … Read More

The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John – Alpha Demo

The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John is a bizarre and surreal point and click psychological horror adventure where you are a paranoid wreck who has barricaded himself away from the rest of the world.

In The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John you take on the role of the titular John – a man suffering from blackouts and a crippling paranoia that leaves him terrified of everyone … Read More