Echoes of You – Student Game

Echoes of You is a beautiful little narrative driven adventure where a widowed father solves puzzles and relives memories of his triumphs and failings as a single parent.

In Echoes of You you take on the role of a father who is looking back on his life and completing a journal, with an aim to make amends with his estranged daughter before she moves away. … Read More

Daymare: 1998 – Beta Demo

Daymare: 1998 is third person survival horror that’s essentially a love letter to the classic 90s Resident Evil games as three playable characters explore a secret research facility that has turned the residents of a nearby town into bloodthirsty zombified monsters.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Daymare: 1998 follows an elite soldier, a helicopter pilot and a forest ranger … Read More

The Clock That Stopped – Game Jam Build

The Clock That Stopped is a stylish little first person puzzler that’s fondly reminiscent of The Witness and sees you solving puzzles as you attempt to fix a broken clock tower.

The clock tower of your town has broken, causing the town to grind to a halt. You need to explore the surrounding area and solve puzzles to find the parts required to fix the … Read More

A Lonely Cottage – Alpha Demo

A Lonely Cottage is a first person horror adventure where a child finds herself trapped in a creepy old house inhabited by some freaky stuffed toys.

You start A Lonely Cottage a strange, run down old house next to a nice warm fire and a talking stuffed teddy. The teddy is friendly enough and will even play hide and seek with you, but the rest … Read More

Assimilation – Game Jam Build

Assimilation is a beautiful and elegant Sci-Fi platforming adventure where you sneak and climb to the top of a tower to bring light back to a world that’s become overrun by robots.

Drawing inspiration from The Matrix and the Vex lore in Destiny, in Assimilation you take control of a glowing white spirit which makes its way through a world that’s been overrun by … Read More