Dollhouse – Steam Beta Key Giveaway & Open Beta

Freaky Film Noir styled horror adventure Dollhouse is having an open Beta that starts on the 12th of April, but if you want to join in the fun a whole 24 hours early we have 5000 Beta keys to giveaway!

As we mentioned during the closed Beta sign up, Dollhouse is a tense single-player and multiplayer horror game that allows you to see through … Read More

Santa Monica By Night – Game Jam Build

Santa Monica By Night is a dark narrative driven point and click adventure set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, which follows a thin blood as he tries to track down a target for his vampire master.

Created for the Vampire Jam over seven days, Santa Monica By Night is a dark and atmospheric point and click adventure set in the Vampire: The … Read More

Limbocore – Prototype Download

Limbocore is a wonderfully surreal and atmospheric little isometric pixel art adventure where you explore and escape from a surreal black and white Limbo.

In Limbocore you control a little bug-like character called Bug, who finds themselves dropped into a strange black and white Limbo world. You can explore, talk to the oddball characters that inhabit the world and once you want to try and … Read More

7 Days in the Fire Mountain – Prototype Download

7 Days in the Fire Mountain is a strange and oddly unsettling little isometric pixel art survival adventure where you ingest blood sacrifices to give you strength as you make your way to the summit of a mysterious mountain.

In 7 Days in the Fire Mountain you take on the role of an unnamed woman who is follows a mysterious spirit who appears as a … Read More