Sewer – Game Jam Build

Sewer is a terrifying little first person horror game where you can’t trust what you see as you chase a freaky scurrying kid through a sewer system.

You start Sewer alone in a large open sewer system with the light on your phone to light your way. There’s no narrative about what you’re doing there, but it soon becomes apparent that there’s a young girl … Read More

Shrouded – Alpha Demo

Shrouded is a very freaky retro Lovecraftian survival horror adventure where a young woman unravels the dark secrets of a mysterious library that’s claimed the lives of 27 people.

In Shrouded you follow the story of Carmen, a young university student who is digging into the local history of her town. The local library would be the perfect place to carry out this research, if … Read More

Another Story – Game Jam Build

Another Story is a charming little point and click adventure where a young boy sets out on an adventure to save “Princess Zeila” from Darth Vader’s Death Star.

The narrative of Another Story takes place within a made up little bedtime story that a father is telling his son to get him to sleep. The son requests a story about a prince and Darth Vader, … Read More