Reunition – Game Jam Build Download


Reunition is a 2D pixel-based horror game created for the Asylum Game Jam 2015 by Rage Monster Games. It sees you playing as a father searching for his lost son in a house of mirrors.

Reunition‘s gameplay is largely made up of one button press (outside of moving left and right) that actually turns your lamp off, plunging you into darkness. At first, you’ll … Read More

Sweet Home – Game Jam Build Download

sweet home

Sweet Home is a first person horror game by Space Octopus Studios, created for the Asylum Game Jam 2015. Set in Vermont in 1971, you play as a Alex, a young boy freshly moved into a new home with his mother. While she takes a shower, it’s your job to complete the short list of chores left for you on the fridge.

Take your boxes … Read More

Spectral: The Silicon Domain – Alpha Demo

spectral game

Spectral: The Silicon Domain is a beautiful Metal Gear VR Missions or Volume-esque stealth-puzzle game in which you play a color-changing data thief who must evade guards and security systems as you attempt to steal information from corrupt corporations.

The world of Spectral: The Silicon Domain is beautiful and when combined with the chilled out audio, it makes for a fairly relaxing take on … Read More

EpicFox – Game Jam Build


EpicFox is a charming retro mini-metroidvania platformer made for the October 2015 NES Game Jam, where you must collect new abilities to power up your little fox and beat the boss.

You are an adorable little fox. You live in a charming world full of slimes. It is your goal to find four new abilities and defeat the boss. These different abilities are dotted around … Read More

Letter To A Friend – Game Jam Build Download

Letter to a friend

Letter To A Friend is a freaky first person horror that draws inspiration from old silent movies and analogue recordings to create a short, surreal and very scary experience.

In Letter To A Friend you are recounting the strange events that occurred late one night at a train station while you were waiting for the train.  As the narrative progresses, a sinister looking stranger appears … Read More