Uncharted 4 – Open Beta (PS4)

Uncharted 4

Drake fans rejoice! Naughty Dog have announced an Open Beta test for Uncharted 4 on PS4 this weekend!

Uncharted 4’s multiplayer looks set to greatly surpass previous iterations, with it embracing the supernatural elements of Uncharted with you able to utilise special mystical powers inspired by the previous Uncharted games. The Open Beta will give you access to a variety of characters, a choice of … Read More

Nelo – Pre-Alpha Download


Nelo is a ridiculously fast third person/top down shooter hybrid in which you play an alien soldier equipped with a super suit capable of granting super speed, high agility and the ability to use telekinetic powers to quadruple wield guns.

You are the last surviving member of a crashed ship on an alien planet now ruled by an AI that your species foolishly created before … Read More

Replaced – Alpha Demo


Replaced is a gorgeous looking Unreal Engine-powered first person puzzle platformer that see’s you using a teleportation gun to escape a mysterious alien temple.

You play as Leika Antaris, a female astronaut who has crash-landed on an alien planet and must figure out a way to escape by utilizing the strange alien technology. Early on you pick up a very nifty teleportation gun, that allows … Read More

Swallow – Game Jam Build Download


Swallow, a short, slightly unsettling game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, shows the importance of following your daily routine.

Most people tend to stick to a ritual-like morning routine. Each day, you wake up and do the same things; brush your teeth, put on a pot of coffee, take your pills, take a shower, and drinking your coffee. Each day these tasks … Read More

Mainlining – Prototype Download

mainlining game

Mainlining is a very impressive adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a cybercrime investigator for MI7, with you hacking into criminals computer systems and gathering enough evidence for an arrest.

Mainlining is played via a virtual desktop (running on a Rainbow™ operating system), with you chatting to other colleagues via a messenger client and email, using a browser to look up suspicious … Read More