Memoranda – Beta Demo


Memoranda is a simply gorgeous 2D point-and-click adventure that draws inspiration from the short stories of Japanese contemporary writer Haruki Murakami, in which you play a young woman named Mizuki as she struggles to remember her identity and help the other townsfolk find their lost belongings.

Memoranda has truly spectacular visuals that bring a wonderful storybook quality to each scene. The world of Memoranda feels … Read More

A World With No Colour – Alpha Demo

A World With No Colour

A World With No Colour is a charming first person painting game in which you use a paint gun to color in a whole planet.

The current build features four different black and white areas for you to play around with.  You can color in pretty much everything you see – from submarines to penguins – just by aiming and firing your paint gun.  The … Read More

Only Footsteps – Game Jam Build Download

only footsteps

Only Footsteps, a short and stylish experience made for the CloneJam Kitty Horrorshow, has you wandering around a snowy expanse and exploring a mysterious cave.

Bright red signs guide your way along the barren snow land. You are able to find a strange cave. It looks man made, but no man has ever been to this area. Curious, you go inside to see what … Read More

Operation Clarion – Student Project Download

operation clarion

Operation Clarion is a very stylish and atmospheric space adventure in which you play a lone astronaut sent on a rescue mission to find three lost pilots on a strange foreign planet.

At its heart Operation Clarion is a short platforming adventure game, in which you explore the planet looking for the pilots and trying to find a way off the planet (as your ship … Read More

The Library – Alpha Download

The Library

The Library is a creepy first person horror adventure in which you play a thief breaking into a haunted library, looking to escape with some loot (but will be lucky to escape with your life).

As you navigate through the old library you’ll unearth secrets, find clues and try to avoid the spiteful spirit.  In this sense it feels a little like a Slenderman game, … Read More