Lemma – Alpha Download

lemma 2

We first featured Lemma back in September last year, but this free form first-person parkour game has come along leaps and bounds since then (excuse the pun).

You play Physics grad student Joan Emerson who has uncovered the mysterious voxel based world of Lemma, full of strange floating landscapes and surfaces that react to your presence.  The movement of your character should feel familiar to … Read More


spirit kickstarter

Spirit is a wonderful pixel art game where you’ll stroll through the beautiful landscapes and uncover the long forgotten past of an ancient temple.  Featuring an art style and gameplay reminiscent of Swords & Sworcery EP, it’s a side scrolling adventure where you play a retired old man who’s intrigued by stories of a nearby mysterious temple.  He sets of on an adventure find … Read More


red goddess

Red Goddess (Spotted by IndieRetroNews) is a beautiful Metroidvania 2D action/adventure platformer that allows you to enter the minds of your enemies as you explore the subconscious of the main character.  This gorgeous CGI rendered world represents the mind of your character, Divine, and all the enemies you meet are manifestations of her own bad thoughts.  Her mind has become clouded and ill, a mysterious … Read More



Caffeine (Spotted by @FreakOramaXD) is an interesting new Sci-Fi horror game that casts you as a young boy who wakes up all alone in a seemingly derelict caffeine mining space station.  Confused and alone, you have to explore the space station, finding crypitc notes and voice recordings which will unlock the mystery of what transpired there.

This Pre-Release Demo is just a very short … Read More

FreezeME, Alpha


FreezeME is a glorious retro N64 style 3D platform game inspired by Mario 64, that allows you to freeze objects and enemies in place with your camera.

As soon as you enter the first world of FreezeME you’re instantly transported back to the glory days of the N64. The huge open world level of the Alpha is big, bold, bright, cheerful, full of surprises and … Read More