Prisma – Alpha Demo


Prisma is a fast paced 2.5D side-scrolling adventure platformer that gives you a unique ability that lets you swap between four different dimensions, including your own.

You play Ray, a young girl who finds herself in the strange world of Aura, and meets a being called Fractal who allows her to switch between dimensions.  These dimensions are based on colors, and each one of them … Read More

Langley – Game Jam Build


Langley, a short point and click made for the WAG challenge, is a touching and troubling game about a man captured for “the good of the United States.”

Its just an average day at work for Edward. There is a war going on, but it feels like a war has always gone on. There is some happiness in the day, it is your daughter’s … Read More

Loop The Loop – Student Project Download

loop the loop

Loop The Loop is a wonderful first person audio/visual experience in which you traverse a strange dreamlike world, full of impossible architecture and surreal beauty.

There are themes war throughout Loop The Loop, with you starting next to a crashed fighter plane, and exploring a surreal world, full of structures and sounds that are reminiscent of the WWII-era.  There are many strange and wondrous … Read More

Dérive – Student Project Download


Dérive is a beautiful first person exploration game in which you drift around, exploring a land that’s rich in history.

There’s not anything to interact with in Dérive, making it more of an experience than a game as you explore it’s beautifully crafted world.  There’s a lot to discover as you explore alcoves and ancient structures, all accompanied by a wonderful adaptive soundtrack.

The … Read More

Clouds Below – Prototype Download

Clouds Below

Clouds Below is a beautiful third person adventure puzzle platformer where you play a little boy who flies from mountain top to mountain top, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to clear the skies and uncover new vistas.

Your objective in Clouds Below is to collect feathers that have fallen from a huge bird.  Along the way you’ll find and use mechanisms, tools and solve puzzles … Read More