Alice In The Mushroom Hole – GameJam Build Download

alice in the mushroom hole

Alice in the Mushroom Hole, a game created for the Awesome Music Jam, is a puzzler full of adventure as Alice falls down into a mushroom filled hole.

In 30 challenging levels, Alice falls through the hole gathering different types of mushrooms. The player is able to move Alice side to side, and interact with some mushrooms. After gathering 3 of the same type … Read More

Fantastic Journeys – Prototype Download

Fantastic Journeys game

Fantastic Journeys is a beautiful Unreal Engine 4 powered Jumping Flash! inspired 3D Platformer that transports you to vast, vibrant and colorful landscapes full of awe and child-like wonder.

We first featured Fantastic Journeys on ABG last July and found its colorful electric candyland a joy to explore.  Now, to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, the dev has released a huge update, … Read More

UNDERTALE – Alpha Demo

undertale game

UNDERTALE is a wonderfully inventive RPG which draws favorable comparisons to the MOTHER (Earthbound) series, that features a witty story, interesting puzzles and a truly innovative skill-based combat system that allows you to befriend your attackers.

The glorious retro pixel art visual style of UNDERTALE belies some truly innovative gameplay and game design.  The combat system is unlike anything you’ll of seen before … Read More

Wooden Floor 2 – Alpha Demo

wooden floor 2

Wooden Floor 2 is a freaky first person horror game, the sequel to Wooden Floor, that lets you loose in some dark and creepy woods where an author used to live in a small house – he’s presumed dead but there have been sightings of activities in the house, so it’s up to you to check it out.

Instead of the originals entirely indoor-based … Read More

The Static Speaks My Name – Prototype Download

the static speaks my name game

The Static Speaks My Name is a wickedly dark first person exploration adventure, that sees you fulfilling a few objectives on your last day alive on earth.

You play a man who is obsessed with the meaning behind a painting of two palm trees, and this obsession has driven him to some very dark places indeed.  To say much more than that will spoil the … Read More