Dev guy is a funny, and interesting game that puts you in the role of an Indie dev called Warren, who’s trying to get his game on the app store before his game licence expires.  Unfortunatley someone steals his car, which he’d left his game code in.  To get the car back, you’ll have to solve puzzles, hack computers and play some very tongue-in-cheek minigames.… Read More

Gladiators Of The Arena, Pre-Alpha Download

Gladiators of the Arena is an rpg hack ‘n’ slash game where you play as a slave gladiator fighting for survival in Arenas across the territory of Roman Empire to win your freedom.

The game focuses on Slave mode and Citzien mode: In slave mode you fight to survive and get your freedom. After that Citzien mode becomes open and you become professional gladiator. It … Read More



Oozengard is a survival adventure game with a wonderful retro art style and a great sense of humour that’s currently on Steam Greenlight.

The story revolves around the invsasion of your city by some mysterious ooze, that starts to consume any living creature in its path, turning it into a clone which only lives to haunt the living.  To survive against the invading ooze, you’ll … Read More