One More Second – Game Jam Build

One More Second is a hilarious little competitive local multiplayer QWOP-like where you flail your limbs to try and knock your partner out of the bed so that they have to deal with your crying baby!

In One More Second you face a question that all new parents face – who is going to get out of bed and tend to your crying infant in … Read More

Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game

Dungeons and Flatmates is a very funny Skyrim spoofing first person RPG adventure where you solve puzzles, complete quests, level up, chat to NPC’s and collect loot – all within the confines of your filthy shared apartment!

In Dungeons and Flatmates you take on the role of a flatmate who has been summoned to the “Kingdom of Filthiness” (your shared flat), where you will complete … Read More

Second Earth – Prototype Download

Second Earth is a fantastic base building game that plays like a blend of SimCity and Command & Conquer with a healthy dose of tower defense, with you harvesting resources, building an infrastructure and setting up towers to keep the alien hordes at bay.

At its core Second Earth is a tower defense game, where you have to build towers and walls to keep the … Read More

Moncage – Prototype Download

Moncage is a very cleverly built perspective based puzzler where you attempt to align 3 dimensional scenes depicted on sides of a cube, so that they can interact with each other.

In Moncage you explore scenes that take place on a secluded island and an abandoned factory. Various scenes from the game’s world are depicted on a mysterious cubic device (the Moncage). Your only form … Read More

Die Hard: A Christmas Blast – Game Jam Build

Die Hard: A Christmas Blast is a fantastic Die Hard themed WarioWare style game where you complete a collection of micro-games to make sure everyone is having a good time at the Nakatomi party.

In Die Hard: A Christmas Blast you use your high-tech 1988 computer interface to carry out important tasks at the Nakatomi Christmas party. Being Die Hard, these include tasks such … Read More