No Players Online – Beta Demo

No Players Online is back and is being turned into a full length game! This time allowing you to delve deeper into the horrifying mystery of an abandoned FPS on an old computer.

The original No Players Online was a horror FPS/ARG hybrid that played out within the confines of an old abandoned FPS. This time you get a whole computer desktop to play around … Read More

Artis – Beta Demo

Artis is a beautifully animated pixel art JRPG adventure where a rookie operative and her back-talking bot fight an AI scourge that’s terrorizing the world.

In Artis you take on the role of Akane – a young woman who’s recently been hired by an agency tasked with dispatching AI controlled robots that roam the world. After many big battles in the past, it seems that … Read More

Constance – Beta Demo

Constance is a beautifully animated hand-drawn action platforming adventure where a paintbrush-wielding artist attempts to escape from a decaying world.

In Constance you are an artist who has become trapped in her inner-world which is decaying due to her deteriorating mental health. You carry a huge paintbrush and you’ll use it to hight enemies and traverse a vibrant non-linear world filled with secrets, side-quests and … Read More

Fractal Sailor – Tech Demo

Fractal Sailor is an atmospheric horror game where you pilot a ship through a shifting fractal sea that;s home to a giant eldritch monster.

In Fractal Sailor you are a ship captain whose job is to refuel and reactivate the various stations that mine rare resources from the fractal sea. You can sail around in any direction (including vertically), and you use a radar pulse … Read More

One S’More – Beta Demo

One S’More is a wonderfully wholesome and creative puzzle game where you guide a marshmallow around watery levels to create s’mores.

The goal in each level is to manoeuvre the crackers and your little marshmallow in such a way that the marshmallow is next to two chocolate crackers – at which point you get a cute little animation of the three parts becoming a tasty … Read More