Deff – Alpha Download

Deff is a fast paced puzzle action platforming adventure that sees you taking control of a wheelchair-bound Death as he sets out for revenge against those who tried to kill him.

We first featured Deff on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was a game jam prototype and were very impressed with it’s fun narrative, challenging gameplay and clever level design. The new … Read More

The Indie Game Legend 3D – Alpha Demo

The Indie Game Legend 3D is a fantastic retro styled dungeon crawling first person shooter with metroidvania elements, that sees you blasting monsters, solving puzzles and rescuing a variety of indie game developers to stop pixel art platformers from dying out.

In The Indie Game Legend 3D you take on the role of an elite soldier who has been sent on a mission to save … Read More

ACCEL – Student Project Game

ACCEL is a reflex testing futuristic high-score chasing tunnel runner that sees you manoeuvring a spaceship through three super-tough levels.

In ACCEL you take on the role of a rebel human consciousness who is attempting to escape from a supercomputer that humanity has uploaded their collective consciousness to. What this means for you is that you have to pilot your way through three futuristic levels, … Read More

A Case For Watson – Game Jam Build

A Case For Watson is a very cleverly crafted detective adventure that features one of the most authentic simulations of real detective work we’ve come across, as you help Watson solve a grizzly murder before Sherlock Holmes arrives on the scene.

Most mystery/detective games make the mistake of highlighting clues which you can pick up and add to your inventory. This usually makes solving the … Read More

Ley Lines – Student Project Game

Ley Lines is a well crafted puzzle platforming FPS that sees you running, jumping, wallrunning and using fire and ice bullets to help make your way through a mysterious futuristic pyramid.

There’s little in the way of narrative in Ley Lines, but it sees you attempting to activate a mysterious device located in the center of a futuristic pyramid. You start with a limited … Read More