TS!Underswap – Beta Demo

TS!Underswap is an Undertale fan gam……. Wait! Come back! Unlike the vast majority of terrible Undertale fan games, TS!Underswap is genuinely excellent and a worthy companion to Toby Fox’s modern classic.

TS!Underswap is a re-imagining of Toby Fox’s acclaimed Undertale game, which swaps character roles and introduces new content and characters to create a brand new game that feels very much like an official UndertaleRead More

DayDream – Tech Demo

DayDream is a beautiful and creepy Little Nightmares style puzzle platforming adventure where a young boy and his faithful teddy bear companion make their way through a mysterious dark fantasy world.

In DayDream you take control of a young boy called Griffin who finds himself trapped in a room and about to be consumed by darkness, when his faithful teddy bear (Birley) turns up and … Read More

Agony of a Dying MMO – Alpha Demo

Agony of a Dying MMO is a narrative-driven horror game played via the perspective of different long-time players of a toxic MMO that’s about to be shut down.

The story of Agony of a Dying MMO takes place within the final few hours of an MMO that’s about to be shut down forever. The MMO was once popular and garnered a large and diverse player … Read More

Walk 散歩 – Beta Demo

Walk 散歩 is a very freaky Japanese stealth horror game where a young girl tries to make her way home while being stalked by a mysterious shadowy entity.

Released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk, in Walk 散歩 you take control of a schoolgirl as she makes her way home through the streets of the city. The city is eerily deserted, apart from … Read More

Peeb Adventures – Beta Demo

Peeb Adventures is a quirky and oddly creepy retro styled 3D platforming adventure where an odd little character with a big trunk gets banished into the back-code of an old abandoned video game.

In Peeb Adventures you control a bizarre (and slightly rude) looking Q-Bert-esque character as he goes on an adventure in a vibrant Mario 64 style 3D game world. It’s a charming … Read More