Expedition – Prototype Download

Expedition is a very tense Lovecraft inspired first person horror game where you attempt to sneak past huge bald penguin monsters as you follow the trail of an expedition that ended in disaster.

Created by students at Technocité Mons in Belgium, Expedition is a very tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure that draws inspiration from At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. In … Read More

Small Town Folks – Alpha Demo

Small Town Folks is a surreal psychological horror adventure game set in a small abandoned community with a dark past.

Created by the same team of devs behind The MMI, Small Town Folks is actually a prequel to The MMI and tells the tale of what drove Fred (the main character in The MMI) to insanity. In the game you are a surveyor … Read More

GLIDE – Prototype Download

GLIDE is a beautiful, chilled out little flying game where you glide through the air, earning boosts as you speed through canyons and man-made structures.

There’s little in the way of instruction or narrative in GLIDE, instead you figure out the game as you play. You can glide through the air and earn speed boost by passing through the various glowing rings that are … Read More

A Hand With Many Fingers – Alpha Demo

A Hand With Many Fingers is a cleverly crafted first person investigation game where you unravel a Cold War conspiracy using an old fashioned 80s evidence records system to help build a corkboard and twine crazy wall.

In A Hand With Many Fingers you are tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a Banker in 1980’s Sydney. As the game is set in the early … Read More

Saprophyte – Prototype Download

Saprophyte is a tense little retro styled Sci-Fi horror adventure that draws inspiration from The Thing and Alien as you attempt to escape from a spaceship while being stalked by a shapeshifting alien organism.

In Saprophyte you take on the role of a low ranked crewmember of a spaceship that’s been boarded by a hostile alien organism. The rest of your crew is already dead … Read More