TAPE: Unveil the Memories – Alpha Demo

TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a creepy Spanish psychological horror adventure with puzzle elements where you use an old Super 8 video camera to manipulate time.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2017, TAPE: Unveil the Memories is a first person horror adventure where you use a time bending Super 8 video camera to find out what happened to your missing father. … Read More

No Delivery – Alpha Demo

No Delivery is a creepy RPG horror adventure set in a haunted pizza parlour where employees are expendable and straying too far can mean you won’t live long enough to clock out.

In No Delivery you take on the role of a randomly selected employee who works the nightshift at a haunted pizzeria. You need to explore, clean up and survive until the end of … Read More

Cris Tales – Alpha Demo

Cris Tales is a beautifully animated turn-based RPG adventure with puzzle elements and the ability to experience the past, present and future simultaneously and use them to your advantage.

In Cris Tales you take on the role of a young girl called Crisbell who discovers that she has the ability to see the past, present and future simultaneously. This ability has some very unique uses, … Read More

The Parallel Chronicles – Alpha Download

The Parallel Chronicles is an incredibly tense and unsettling Silent Hill inspired PS1 era styled horror adventure where you descend into a blood-soaked nightmare as you attempt to escape from your apartment building.

There are two developmental builds of The Parallel Chronicles available, both of which are very different and both of which are equally terrifying. The Alpha build is the longest and plays out … Read More

The Pilgrim – Student Game

The Pilgrim is a beautiful point and click puzzle adventure where you search for mystical symbols hidden in a mysterious Sci-Fi world.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, The Pilgrim is a gorgeous looking little puzzle adventure that sees you guiding a wonky eyed little humanoid through a mysterious game world that’s filled with strange symbols. To open up a path through … Read More