Greak: Memories of Azur – Alpha Demo

Greak: Memories of Azur is a beautiful hand animated non-linear action platforming adventure where you switch between control of multiple characters (and can even control them simultaneously) as you attempt to escape from an invasion of monsters.

In the full game of Greak: Memories of Azur you’ll be able to switch between control of three uniquely skilled siblings as they attempt to escape from their … Read More

The Blob – Student Game Download

The Blob is a fun little plaftomging adventure where you control a sticky pink blob that consumes its enemies to maintain its body mass.

Created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, The Blob is a fast paced pixel art platformer where you control a sentient slime attempting to escape a heavily guarded facility. Your blob can jump, stick to surfaces and climb walls … Read More

Ars Fabulae – Beta Demo

Ars Fabulae is a beautiful and surprising narrative-driven adventure that mixes a wide variety of game genres as you live out the long forgotten stories of an old abandoned theater.

When you first load up Ars Fabulae you feel like you’re in for a beautiful, if fairly straightforward, narrative-driven walking simulator set within a near photorealistic recreation of an old abandoned theater. The visuals are … Read More

Children of Silentown – Beta Demo

Children of Silentown is a creepy and beautifully animated point and click adventure game which follows the story of Lucy, a young girl who lives in a small village, deep within a forest that’s inhabited by monsters.

Currently in development by Luna2 Studio and Elf Games (creators of Little Briar Rose), the stylish hand-drawn adventure of Children of Silentown takes place in the titular … Read More

Time Loader – Alpha Demo

Time Loader is a charming and creative physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where you control a cute little robot vehicle that has been sent back in time to prevent a tragic accident.

Currently in development by Flazm Interactive Entertainment (creators of Scrap Garden and the Train Valley games, Time Loader is a beautifully crafted physics based puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little four-wheeled robot … Read More