Vapor World: Over The Mind – Alpha Demo

Vapor World: Over The Mind is a beautiful 2D Souls-like action RPG adventure with stunning hand drawn artwork and challenging parry-focused combat.

In Vapor World: Over The Mind you will step into a surreal world where the inhabitants are haunted by eternal nightmares. Your mind is part of a whole colossal mind world where you’ll fight trauma-inflicted monsters, search for the sources of the trauma … Read More

Christmas in the Mountains – Game Jam Build Download

Christmas in the Mountains is an incredibly wholesome and touching little festive narrative adventure where a young boy hands out presents in his local town.

Created for the Jame Game Christmas Edition game jam, Christmas in the Mountains is a simple and heartfelt little story that takes place in a rural American mountain town in the 1980’s. In the game you follow a young boy … Read More

LOCUST USA (Reboot) – Beta Demo

LOCUST USA (Reboot) is a Break-Out/Pinball inspired retro styled narrative-driven arcade game where you knock around a ball and solve supernatural mysteries.

We previously featured a prototype of LOCUST USA on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, but since then developer hwilson has decided to reboot the game from the ground up, keeping the core mechanics, but removing random events and adding large multi-room levels. … Read More

Vermin God – Prototype Download

Vermin God is an SCP inspired body horror visual novel where a girl with a penchant for eating bugs wakes up in a strange research facility.

In Vermin God you follow the story of an eighteen year old girl who’s been infected with Vermin God Disease (also known as Anomaly 270). The disease is still being studied, but it seems to attract bugs and other … Read More

Valley Peaks – Beta Demo (Update)

Valley Peaks is a wonderfully chilled out first person free-climbing adventure where you attempt to install transmitters atop the peaks of a happy mountain paradise.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, in Valley Peaks you are a lowly employee of a shady company that’s attempting to expand the reach of its radio antennas. You have been tasked with travelling to a local … Read More