Isotopium: Chernobyl – Open Alpha

Isotopium: Chernobyl is a ‘Remote Reality’ game that uses the magic of video streaming to allow you to control real remote control vehicles and drive them around a highly detailed physical scale model recreation of Chernobyl!

Remote control vehicles are great, but they soon become boring when playing around with them in your own home as there’s only so much you can do with them. … Read More

In Loving Memory – Student Project Game

In Loving Memory is a surprisingly emotional narrative-driven platforming adventure that’s not what it at first seems, as you attempt to purge a darkness that’s invading your beautiful fantasy world.

Note: We try to avoid getting too specific in the article but it does contain some spoilers. In Loving Memory takes around 30 minutes to play through and if you don’t want anything spoiled then Read More

Artificial Death – Alpha Demo

Artificial Death features a run fusion of deck building and robot warfare which sees you building robots from a randomly selected handful of parts and then attempting to smash your opponent to pieces in the arena.

Playable in single player against AI opponents or local multiplayer, Artificial Death allows you to build and fight robots in fast paced 1v1 matches. Building your robot is easy … Read More

Escape From Aeon – Alpha Demo

Escape From Aeon is a stylish lo-fi sci-fi survival horror roguelike that sees you attempting to escape a titanic mothership that’s been invaded by a deadly alien lifeform and its many minions.

Drawing inspiration from The Thing, Alien and Infra Arcana, the level layout and grid based movement of Escape From Aeon is similar to classic roguelike games (such as the aforementioned Infra ArcanaRead More

Relicta – Pre-Alpha Demo

Relicta is a very impressive first person puzzle adventure set in the depths of the moon, which sees you controlling magnetism and gravity to solve inventive physics based puzzles.

In Relicta you take on the role of a researcher who has been studying the mysterious properties of a meteorite that crashed into the moon. You have managed to harness the meteorite’s energy to allow you … Read More