Voidship: The Long Journey – Alpha Demo

Voidship: The Long Journey is an FTL-esque roguelike adventure that sees you piloting a modular ship through space, upgrading it with new modules and taking part in real-time top down space battles.

As in FTL, Voidship sees you piloting your ship through star systems while fighting enemy ships, managing your crew, upgrading your ship and deciding what actions to take during random events. … Read More

Hidden Asset – Alpha Demo

Hidden Asset is a Hitman-esque isometric stealth assassination game that sees you sneaking, hacking and killing your way past security to eliminate high profile targets for a contractor.

Set in a dystopian city that’s been ruined by corporate greed, in Hidden Asset you take on the role of an unemployed man who is given a chance to prove his worth as an assassin. You’re … Read More

Beware – Alpha Demo

Beware is a freaky first person open world horror game that sees you driving through the countryside whilst being relentlessly chased by three goons in a car.

In Beware you find yourself sitting in a car in a grim looking caravan park on a dark and gloomy night. Your car is old, with bouncy suspension and rather twitchy handling that makes it fun to drive … Read More

Outlier – Student Project Game

Outlier is a dark and atmospheric first person Sci-Fi stealth puzzle adventure that sees you using cameras and terminals to hack your way through a hive-mind controlled machine world.

In Outlier you take control of a lone rebel robot who is attempting to escape from a a hive mind and its mechanical minions. This may not be easy though as there are robots patrolling the … Read More

Stoneshard – Alpha Download

Stoneshard is an addictive, challenging and humorous open world roguelike dungeon crawler set in a vast monster-filled procedurally generated world.

Drawing inspiration from Diablo, ADOM and Darkest Dungeon, in Stoneshard you take on the role of a mercenary who, after receiving an offer he can’t refuse, sets out to vanquish a tyrannical king and bring peace to the land of Aldor. Along the … Read More