Balancity – Beta Download


Balancity is a glorious blend of Sim City and Jenga that sees you attempting to balance the books and physically balance the entire city on a pivot, while striving to build your city as high as possible.

The town management side of Balancity is fondly reminiscent of the early Sim City games (before they got overly complicated), with you growing your population by creating residential, … Read More

Mainlining – Prototype Download

mainlining game

Mainlining is a very impressive adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a cybercrime investigator for MI7, with you hacking into criminals computer systems and gathering enough evidence for an arrest.

Mainlining is played via a virtual desktop (running on a Rainbow™ operating system), with you chatting to other colleagues via a messenger client and email, using a browser to look up suspicious … Read More

Wander, A Path Of Trust – Student Project Download

Wander game

Wander, A Path of Trust is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure in which you play a blind man, lost in a mysterious underground city who must use sound waves and the assistance of a strange crystaline creature to aid his escape.

Created by students of the French National School of Games and Interactive Media, Wander: A Path of Trust impresses with it’s stylish minimalistic … Read More

Mechanical Feelings – Game Jam Build Download

Mechanical feelings game

Mechanical Feelings is a funny and cleverly designed game set in the year 4022, that sees you using a Historitech™ program and their patented ‘Board of Keys Interface™’ to experience first hand what it was like to live back in the year 2016.

Played almost entirely by swiping the keys on your keyboard in different directions (as they did back 2016, with their primitive, fledgling … Read More