Moon River – Alpha Demo


Moon River is a breathtakingly beautiful puzzle adventure in which you teleport between the edges of the screen to make your way through the gorgeous Journey-esque landscape.

Moon River starts with no instructions or backstory, you’re simply placed in a strange labyrinthine temple and must experiment with your edge-of-screen teleporting abilities to make your way out. It soon becomes apparent you must make your … Read More

Super Pilot – Alpha Demo


Super Pilot is a fabulous blend of F-Zero and Super Mario Maker, that will allow players to build and share all manner of high speed anti-gravity tracks and race on them with 50 opponents at breakneck speeds.

As soon as you get behind the wheel of your futuristic anti-gravity racer, you’re hit with a flood of nostalgia for Nintendo’s long dormant racing franchise. The … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway


Cloudbase Prime, our favorite super bouncy, super funny low poly action platformer is now on Steam Early Access and to celebrate, we’re doing a giveaway!

Those that have followed Alpha Beta Gamer for a while will know we’re pretty fond of Cloudbase Prime. We’ve featured it several times on the site and followed its progress from a simple game jam prototype to the … Read More

Bloodshot – Student Project Download


Bloodshot is a short and terrifying black and white first person horror/FPS in which you battle creepy shadowy monsters while discovering the dark secrets locked away in a creepy old house.

In Bloodshot you explore a household where some very bad things have happened. You start off unarmed, but refreshingly for a first person horror adventure these days, you soon come across a handgun which … Read More

Unreal Engine 4 Zelda – Tech Demo


Unreal Engine 4 Zelda is an incredible fan project by cryZENx, that recreates various scenes across the Zelda series using the power of Unreal Engine 4.

The scenes that you can play are very much tech demos, so there’s not much in the way of gameplay, but visually it’s incredible. The scenes available in the current build include a battle with dark link, a pot … Read More