Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 2

Flipfly Prototype showdown 2

The new year is well underway and like clockwork, Flippfly has launched the second round of their Prototype Showdown. Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown is a chance for their development team to get some feedback on game prototypes they have in the development pipeline. Back in December of 2015, we covered the first round of the Prototype Showdown, the winner of which was Taxicopter, a … Read More

Rides With Strangers – Alpha Demo

rides with strangers

Rides With Strangers is an unsettling, first-person horror game that takes the killer combination of multitasking and jump scares as popularized by the Five Night’s At Freddy series and twists it to match a new creepy scenario: hitchhiking.

In Rides With Strangers, you play as a young woman named Elora as she heads out on her first major job interview after graduation. Her new … Read More

Spirit Hearts – Game Jam Build Download

Spirit Hearts

Spirit Hearts is 2D puzzle-shooter game built for Ludum Dare 34 where you play as a spirit named Night as he explores the strange and mystical towers of the Spirt World on his quest to collect the much coveted Spirit Hearts.

As you float through the hauntingly beautiful, pixellated world, you’ll encounter evil spirits wandering the lonely halls of the tower. Fortunately for you, … Read More

Day By Day – Game Jam Build Download

Day By Day

Day By Day is a short, beautiful and powerful game that shows the effects of war on those left behind, from the perspective of a soldier’s best friend – his dog.  Have some hankies nearby for this one – it gets emotional.

The following text will contain some spoilers, so we’d really recommend playing the game before reading on (and it is a game we’d … Read More

Romance Choice – Game Jam Build Download

Romance Choice

Romance Choice is a short and strange, 4th wall breaking dating simulator with a surprising amount of emotion and some very clever twists.

We’d REALLY recommend playing the game first before reading on as the following text will contain spoilers!

Created for Ludlum Dare 34, Romance Choice is played entirely with two buttons. You use these buttons initially to select what your date looks like … Read More