Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed – Prototype Download

Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed

Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed is a fabulous fan made sonic game that brings the classic high speed gameplay of the original games to the 3rd dimension without sacrificing the originals glorious sprite based visual style.

As any self respecting Sonic game should be, Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed is FAST. The world flies past at a blistering pace which makes for some intense and … Read More

Weekend Drive – Alpha Download

Weekend Drive game

Weekend Drive is a wonderfully chaotic driving game with a rather deceptive name – instead of going for a relaxing weekend drive you’re doing all manner of crazy things, from dodging meteorites to firing rockets at a 200ft skyscraper-smashing zombie.

The current build of Weekend Drive is still very early in development so does have some rough edges, but it already offers three diverse, carnage … Read More

Separated – Game Jam Build Download


Separated is a heartbreaking tale of a misunderstood monster who can’t communicate with the humans in the village, and is doomed to wander the world alone, disliked and unloved.

In the game, you wake into existence in a graveyard filled with fireflies.  As you wander the village, it soon becomes apparent that you’re seen as a monster, to be feared, despised and hated.  You can … Read More

Karma. Incarnation 1- Alpha Demo

Karma incarnation

Karma. Incarnation 1 is a beautiful new puzzle adventure with a great sense of humor, fantastic animation and point and click gameplay reminiscent of Machinarium.

In Karma. Incarnation 1, you play charming little creature called Pip who is trying to save his planet and his true love from a planet devouring darkness.  Pip finds himself incarnated in a dark and surreal world, filled with … Read More

My Last Friday – Alpha Demo

My Last Friday game

My Last Friday is a great new first person horror adventure in which you wake up trapped in an old house, full of puzzles to solve and gruesome monsters to fight as you try to escape.

You play Howard Goodson, an ordinary man who wakes up on the floor of a sinister old house, filled with blood stains, corpses and body parts.  As you explore … Read More