FilthBreed – Student Project Game

FilthBreed is a creepy crawly first person horror game that’ll make your skin crawl as you explore a bug-infested lair that’s been linked with the disappearance of several homeless people in the area.

In FilthBreed you take on the role of a detective who is following up a lead on a suspect who has been linked with the disappearance of several homeless people in the … Read More

Inua – Student Project Game

Inua is a beautiful first person puzzle platforming adventure where you use the power of fire and ice to make your way through an ancient volcanic temple.

In Inua you take control of Kaya, a young Shaman woman who is embarking on a right of passage that involves her venturing into an ancient volcanic temple to obtain her totem element. The totem element is supposed … Read More

All Day Dying – Alpha Download

All Day Dying is an incredibly intense skill based run n’ gun first person shooter where you race through levels, blasting robots, earning multipliers, completing objectives and dying… a lot!

All Day Dying isn’t called “All Day Dying” for nothing. Even on its easiest setting it’s tough as nails and you’ll have to be a Gun-Fu ninja to complete even the first level … Read More

Artificial Resident – Prototype Download

Artificial Resident is a cleverly designed Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you transfer your consciousness between robotic bodies and solve challenging puzzles inside a massive test facility.

In Artificial Resident you are given the chance to host your consciousness in a robotic body which won’t perish like flesh and bone, but you must prove that you’re worthy by making your way through a … Read More

Vind – Prototype Download

Vind is a breathtakingly beautiful non-combative third person exploration adventure which sees you flying around a land of floating islands, assisting the inhabitants to help make their lives happy again.

In Vind you take control of a shapeshifter who can transform into a majestic bird and soar through the sky. You have been sent by your people to the ruins of a once great civilisation … Read More