Crossing Souls – Beta Demo

Crossing Souls is a fabulous action adventure steeped in 80’s nostalgia that sees you taking a band of Goonies-style misfits on an epic sci-fi adventure, using each characters special skills to solve puzzles, kick ass and save the world!

The current demo build of Crossing Souls features around an hours worth of gameplay and introduces players to the Goonies-esque gang of friends and the … Read More

PUSS! – Beta Demo

PUSS! is a super tough and incredibly bizarre blend of precision mouse control, bullet hell and cats that sees you guiding your little feline through a variety of increasingly surreal mazes and battling powerful bosses.

In PUSS! you control a little cat who has managed to become trapped in another dimension. The only way out is through a series of randomly selected vaporwave-styled stages that … Read More

In Other Waters – Kickstarter Demo

In Other Waters offers a clever fusion of exploration, problem solving and sci-fi narrative adventure as you take on the role of a diving suit AI that assists a biologist as she explores under the sea in a strange alien planet.

After her partner goes missing while exploring the ocean floor on an uncharted alien planet, Ellery Vas sets out in search for her. She’s … Read More

America’s Retribution – Beta Download

America’s Retribution is an awesome Metal Slug-esque satirical side scrolling arcade shooter that sees Donald Trump taking to the streets shoot protesters, ISIS, Russians, CNN choppers and anyone else who’s standing in the way of him making America great again!

Drawing inspiration from arcade classics like Contra and Metal Slug, America’s Retribution sees you controlling President Donald J. Trump (and Mike Pence in … Read More

The Long Way Home – Game Jam Build Download

The Long Way Home is a short and emotional narrative adventure that tells the story of a lifetime of love through a handful of photos.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The Long Way Home imparts its touching narrative by giving you the pieces of a story and asking you to put them together. You start the game sat at a train station, with … Read More