The Exact Moment – Game Jam Build

The Exact Moment is a beautiful contemplative little game that tells the story of a hundred year old photograph of a secluded fishing spot, taken by a 19th/20th century Art-Nouveau photographer called Adolf Mas Ginestà.

Created for the Jam Cultura Abierta, The Exact Moment is a short browser based narrative-driven experience where you interact with words in unique ways to progress the story. It takes … Read More

Vomitoreum – Kickstarter Demo

Vomitoreum is a GZDoom powered FPS metroidvania that draws inspiration from Metroid Prime and Dark Souls as you blast your way through a huge interconnected world that’s plagued with Eldritch monstrosities.

Currently in development by scumhead (creator of the excellent Shrine and Lycanthorn games), Vomitoreum is an open world metroidvania FPS set in a nightmarish world that’s overrun with a horrible fog and Eldritch monstrosities. … Read More

Black Resin – Prototype Download

Black Resin is a stylish cinematic pixel art stealth action platformer where you control a shapeshifting inky black creature as it sneaks and kills its way through an exploited war-torn world.

The visual style and gameplay in Black Resin is fondly reminiscent of Amiga era classics like Flashback, Another World and (the original) Prince of Persia. In the game you take control of … Read More

Infinite Pizza – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Pizza is an eye-melting infinite running RPS game where you slice your way deep into the cheesy heart of an infinite pizza!

Created for 7dfps and PROCJAM, Infinite Pizza is a very weird and highly addictive first person infinite runner where you race headlong into an infinite pizza set within a procedurally generated fractal space. It looks incredible and it plays a little like … Read More

The Last Shot – Beta Demo

The Last Shot is a quirky hand drawn dieselpunk puzzle platforming adventure where a pragmatic mechanical engineer sets out to save the people in his city and uncover a terrible conspiracy in his city.

In The Last Shot you take on the role of a mechanical engineer whose job is normally to manufacture shells that are blasted towards nearby cities. However, today you are woken … Read More