JellyCar Worlds – Beta Demo

JellyCar Worlds is a joyful soft body physics-based driving platforming game where you drive customizable squishy cars through crazy courses filled with secrets.

A sequel to the excellent original ten year old JellyCar game, Jelly Car Worlds looks set to up the ante in every way possible. The game features over fifty levels spread over six worlds (with more to come), unlockable car bodies, hidden … Read More

Bramble: The Mountain King – Beta Demo

Bramble: The Mountain King is a visually stunning fantasy horror adventure that draws inspiration from Nordic folklore and sees a tiny boy setting out to rescue his sister from a nasty troll.

In Bramble: The Mountain King you take on the role of a Tomb Thumb-esque miniature boy whose sister has been kidnapped by a dreaded troll. You must traverse Bramble’s Nordic folklore inspired … Read More

Endacopia – Kickstarter Demo

Endacopia is a creative, charming and wonderfully absurd pixel art point and click adventure where a kid with a bad memory goes on an adventure down a toilet bowl.

Currently in development by AndyLand (famed for his animated YouTube shorts), Endacopia is a 2D pixel art point and click adventure that’s packed full of inventive surprises and absurd humor. In the game you take on … Read More

Heartworm – Beta Demo

Heartworm is a Lo-Fi suburban survival horror game that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as a young woman attempts to contact the dead.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Heartworm is a PS1 styled fixed camera survival horror adventure that draws inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis. In the game you follow the story of a … Read More

Luto – Beta Demo

Luto is a tense and atmospheric first person psychological horror game that explores different phobias as you struggle to escape your own house.

In Luto you follow the story of a man who is suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of the loss of a loved one. This seems to have manifested itself in transforming your home into a labyrinthine trap that you’re … Read More