Nowhere, MI – Alpha Demo

Nowhere, MI is an absurdist retro styled first person metroidvania adventure where you search for your brother in a town that’s filled with weird secrets.

Currently in development by Feverdream Johnny (creator of Lets Go! Baby! Friends World and Peeb Adventures), Nowhere, MI is a first person metroidvania set in a mysterious town that was home to an experimental reactor detonation. To say the … Read More

Occult Case Files – Alpha Demo

Occult Case Files is an 8-bit styled point and click horror adventure where an amateur investigator explores paranormal activity in creepy locations

Currently in development by Teebowah Games, creator of The Third Shift, Occult Case Files is an 8-bit styled point and click horror adventure inspired by NES classics such as Deja-Vu, Shadowgate and Uninvited. In the game, you and your friend … Read More

Divine Frequency – Beta Download

Divine Frequency is an incredible System Shock and Bloodborne inspired survival horror doom total conversion mod where you hunt down divine beings to reach transcendence.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Divine Frequency is remarkably intense and well crafted GZDoom powered survival horror FPS set in a world where dreams and reality collide. It sees you exploring a surreal nightmarish world and … Read More

Asleep – Alpha Demo

Asleep is a stealthy 2D survival horror adventure where a young Brazilian woman finds herself trapped in her nightmares.

In Asleep you follow the adventure of Ana Lúcia – a young woman who’s so lost in her nightmares she can’t tell if she’s asleep or awake. There is one glimmer of light in the darkness that surrounds her, a young girl who Ana thinks she … Read More