Cosmosis – Student Game Download

Cosmosis essentially turns you into a cosmic Spider-Man as you swing around floating islands battling a powerful demon lord.

Created by a group of students students at AIE, in Cosmosis you step into the shoes of an apprentice mage, sent into a void to prove your worthiness in a final trial. This final trial gives you a little bit of time to master your nifty … Read More

Sealed Bite – Game Jam Build Download

Sealed Bite is a beautifully animated little open world action platforming adventure where you set out in search of a cure after being bitten by a werewolf.

Crated for the Github Game Off 2019 jam, Sealed Bite puts you in the role of a young woman who is bitten by a werewolf out of the blue while wandering the forest. Thankfully there’s a helpful spirit … Read More

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break – Alpha Demo

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break is a special festive themed demo build of the upcoming Pizza Tower game, this time seeing your beautifully animated pizza delivery man sent on a missing by Santa – to destroy a Xmas Tower that’s sucking all of the holiday spirit out of the land!

If you’ve played any of the previous demo builds of Pizza Tower then you’ll know … Read More

The Driver Syndicate – Alpha Download

The Driver Syndicate is a very authentic feeling spiritual successor to the classic PS1 Driver games, complete with tail-happy car physics and epic police chases!

On PS1 there was really only one series to go to for full 3D car chases through an open world city – the Driver games. They saw you taking on the role of an undercover cop called Tannen and generally … Read More

Biomass – Alpha Demo

Biomass is a beautifully animated Souls-ian Sci-Fi metroidvania adventure where you set out on a pilgrimage to a lighthouse at the center of a sinking metropolis.

In Biomass you take on the role of a mysterious stranger who is on a pilgrimage to the heart of a lighthouse in the center of a sprawling dystopian city that’s sinking into the water. The lore of the … Read More