Static End – Game Jam Build

Static End is a creepy and atmospheric PS1 styled first person horror game where you waste time in your apartment as it decays around you and a massive Lovecraftian monstrosity enslaves the world.

You spend the entirety of Static End inside your apartment, afraid to go out because of the cosmic horrors that are happening out there. That’s not to say that some of those … Read More

Waking – Beta Demo

Waking is a beautiful, emotional and very personal psychological third person action RPG adventure that takes place within your own comatose mind.

Waking takes place within the subconscious of your own mind as you lie in a hospital bed, trapped in coma. To escape you need to reconnect the synapses in your mind and discover what led you to be in the coma. It really … Read More

All Day Dying – Beta Demo

All Day Dying is a super fast paced first person shooter that focuses on muscle memory, speed-running and chaining together attacks as you shoot, kick and blast hordes of robots to smithereens.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, All Day Dying is an intense, action packed first person shooter where speed and skill are essential. This latest build is … Read More

Beleth – Game Jam Build

Beleth is a very freaky little occult shooter where you blast your way through an audio-reactive soundscape that reacts in real-time with the soundtrack.

Created for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam, Beleth is a ritualistic audio-reactive shoot ‘em up that’s full of occult imagery from the Goetia Démonok. It only takes around five minutes to play through, but it’s a remarkable experience which feels a … Read More

AWAY: The Survival Series – Prototype Download

AWAY: The Survival Series is a beautiful animal adventure game where you control a cute little gliding possum as it goes on an epic adventure deep into the wilderness.

Drawing inspiration from nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series allows you to become a sugar glider (a type of possum that can glide through the air), as you travel across lush forest environments in search of … Read More