Juice World – Alpha Download

Juice World is an incredibly weird and wobble third person hack n’ slash adventure in a world full of strange jelly-limbed monsters full of Juice.

Created by Fishlicka (creator of the equally bizarre Schwing), in Juice World you are a weird wobbly-limbed monstrosity that lives in a world full of even more weird wobbly-limbed monstrosities. After a short and entertaining tutorial stage, you’re unleashed … Read More

Superliminal – Limited Time Demo

Superliminal is a wonderfully inventive perspective-based first person puzzle adventure where the size and shape of an object is strangely malleable, and is dependent on depth and perspective.

After falling asleep during a TV commercial for “Dr.Pierce’s Somnasculpt dream therapy program” you find yourself in a dreamworld where the normal rules of physics don’t apply. Superliminal’s strange dream-world is full of puzzles based on forced-perspective … Read More

Our Secret Below – Kickstarter Demo

Our Secret Below is a dark and unsettling first person horror game with surreal elements, where a young woman attempts to escape from a basement that she’s been locked in by a man who’s obsessed with her.

Currently in development by DarkStone Digital (creator of the excellent The Mortuary Assistant), in Our Secret Below you take on the role of Nia, a young woman … Read More

R’LYEH ASSAULT – Game Jam Build Download

R’LYEH ASSAULT is a tense and atmospheric Lovecraft inspired first person horror game which sees you using the Necronomicon to fight Cthulhu and his dragon minions.

Created for the Bad Lovecraft Games game jam, R’LYEH ASSAULT may not be the most authentic Lovecraft video game adaptation, but it sure is a great horror game! You are tasked with making your way through the small fishing … Read More

The Super 1-1 Challenge – Game Jam Build Download

The Super 1-1 Challenge is a fantastic fan made Mario first person shooter set in a modern reimagining of level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

Created for the Mapcore Monthly Discord Challenge, The Super 1-1 Challenge is a time trial Mario FPS where your aim is to race through the level and collect all the gold coins and the red coins in as fast … Read More