CONSCRIPT is a very intense retro survival horror adventure set in the trenches of Verdun during the First World War.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a little over a year ago, CONSCRIPT is a dark and gritty survival horror adventure that puts you in the shoes of a lone French soldier during the First World War. It draws inspiration from classic survival horror … Read More

How I Learned to Skate – Beta Demo

How I Learned to Skate is a delightful and incredibly challenging top-down ice-skating game where you attempt to navigate a beautiful frozen lake without bumping into anything.

In How I Learned to Skate you control a little boy who is learning how to skate on a large frozen lake. The game features a semi-QWOP-like control scheme that allows you to control the movement of each … Read More

ILLWILL – Alpha Demo

ILLWILL is a wonderfully squelchy old school first person shooter with big guns and monsters that explode into chunks of meat and blood when you blast them.

Drawing inspiration from DOOM, Quake, Blood and Serious Sam, ILLWILL is a very stylish and comedically brutal old school boomer shooter. It’s still early in development so there’s no story in place at the moment, but it … Read More

There is No Light 616 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,500 Steam Beta keys to giveaway for There is No Light 616, a standalone prologue to the upcoming There Is No Light game – a beautifully animated action RPG adventure set in a monster-filled world divided by religion.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, There is No Light is a dark fantasy action RPG set in a monster-filled post-apocalyptic … Read More

Protoworld – Alpha Demo

Protoworld is a delightful puzzle platforming exploration adventure where you can eat almost anything you see as you evolve and unlock new abilities in a world where a star is falling.

In Protoworld you take control of an odd looking little creature who lives in a world filled with lots of other species of odd little creatures. You can talk to some of the creatures … Read More