Wild Dogs – Beta Demo

Wild Dogs is a fantastic Game Boy styled Contra inspired retro run ‘n gun shooter where a soldier and his faithful doggie set out to save the world from an alien invasion.

In Wild Dogs you follow the adventure of Major Frank “Pumpkinhead” Williams and his cute little doggie Teddy as they set out to thwart an alien invasion. The gameplay is much like ContraRead More

Card Shark – Beta Demo

Card Shark is a very stylish hand drawn adventure where you use cunning and sleight of hand to earn a fortune cheating in card games in 18th century France.

Currently in development by Nerial (creators of Reigns), in Card Shark you follow the story of a young mute servant/waiter who meets a shady old card shark that takes him under his wing. After a … Read More

Lorn’s Lure – Beta Demo

Lorn’s Lure is a fantastic speedrunning free-climbing Sci-Fi adventure where an android searches for a strange anomaly in a vast megastructure that it’s been trapped in for hundreds of years.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Lorn’s Lure is a first person parkour and freeclimbing adventure set within a massive megastructure. You take on the role of an android who lived outside of … Read More

The Odyssey of the Mammoth – Student Game Download

The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a lighthearted little action adventure where a mammoth protects her child from nasty human hunters as she journeys through a beautiful 10,000 BC landscape.

Created by students from the Université du Québec, The Odyssey of the Mammoth is a delightful third person action adventure about a mammoth and her child. The game is narrated by a parody wildlife presenter … Read More

The Machine – Beta Demo

The Machine is a remarkable new non-linear branching narrative open world adventure where you find your place in a society that exists within a giant machine.

Coming to Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance (and playable on other platforms via Emulator), The Machine is a non-linear role playing adventure game where your decisions can dramatically affect how your story plays out. It … Read More