Please Player – Game Jam Build

Please Player is a hilarious and incredibly brutal little game where you press a big red button to violently murder various game characters that are presented to you.

Definitely not for the squeamish, the gameplay in Please Player is extremely simple – you have to “fight” your way through a series of video game characters by pressing the big red button at the top of … Read More

Heeey! Park-Boy! – Prototype Download

Heeey! Park-Boy! is an adorable little casual gardening sim/adventure game that draws inspiration from Chibi-Robo and Katamari Damacy, as a cute little alien attempt to bring a bit of happiness to the world by growing flowers.

In Heeey! Park-Boy! you take control of Yuu-Boy, a adorable little alien whose spaceship is powered by happiness. Unfortunately while flying through space he strayed a little too … Read More

OMNO – Kickstarter Demo

OMNO is a beautiful non-combative Journey-esque third person adventure where you explore, solve puzzles and discover the secrets of an ancient alien world.

In OMNO you control a mysterious being who is able to harness the energy they find in nature and use it to power ancient mechanisms. The world that you explore is fondly reminiscent of Journey, but with more of a … Read More

Lens – Game Jam Build

Lens is a very clever little puzzler set within a faux Windows XP desktop environment where you can cause applications to interact with each other through the use of a special “Lens” app.

The aim of Lens is to collect three keys to turn on your router and allow access to your NetScrape Navigator program. You’re given a few cryptic clues about the keys locations … Read More

Occupy White Walls – Beta Download

Occupy White Walls is a massively multiplayer art museum simulation with RPG elements, in which you build and furnish your own personal art gallery with real life pieces of art and make cash from everyone that visits.

In Occupy White Walls you are given a virtual space and freedom to place walls, ceilings, floors, structures and artworks wherever you like. Once you get to grips … Read More