T-Rex Breakout – Tech Demo

T-Rex Breakout is a terrifyingly realistic recreation of the T-Rex scene from the original Jurassic Park movie – complete with blood curdling roar and vibrating cups of water on the dashboard.

You start T-Rex Breakout in one of the Jurassic Park off-road vehicles while a T-Rex has just managed to break out of its enclosure to the right of you. You can sit inside the … Read More

Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave – Prototype Download

Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave is a Game of Thrones-esque narrative driven adventure with anthropomorphic characters and tactical turn based battles reminiscent of the Banner Saga.

In Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave you follow and influence the journey of Oakmont the Bear and Lyra the wolf – two loyal soldiers who are nearing the end of their long journey home. However it seems home will … Read More

Duster – Pre-Alpha Download

Duster is a challenging steampunk Wild West roguelike adventure that sees you attempting to survive a perilous desert full of bandits, lawmen and robots, in search of the richest mine in the West!

The procedurally generated steampunk Wild West setting of Duster is a very inhospitable place to visit. There are towns that can provide some respite from the hazardous conditions (and even more inhospitable … Read More

Project Wingman – Kickstarter Demo

Project Wingman is an easily accessible and spectacle filled indie air combat game that puts most mainstream air combat games to shame.

We first featured Project Wingman on Alpha Beta Gamer last month and found it to be a gorgeous looking air combat game with epic dogfights and easily accessible gameplay. The only thing lacking in the previous build was mission variety, but thankfully the … Read More

Skyward – Game Jam Build

Skyward is challenging Unreal Engine 4 powered physics based platformer in which you use a ball’s transforming abilities to help guide it through nine cleverly crafted levels.

Skyward is a ball rolling platformer akin to Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness, but with one big difference – you have the ability to transform into different shapes with different abilities that can help you make … Read More