Deusimator – Student Game

Deusimator is a thoroughly bizarre fusion of Jalopy-esque car simulation and boxing where you beat up a rampaging Kaiju while driving a car/mech hybrid!

You start Deusimator sat within a normal(ish) looking car interior. Much like in any car It’s got a radio, ignition, a steering wheel, window wipers and a horn, all of which you can interact with. However, it also comes with … Read More

Heidelberg 1693 – Alpha Demo

Heidelberg 1693 is a beautifully animated Castlevania-esque side-scrolling action adventure where a Musketeer fights his way through hordes of monsters and enemy soldiers to protect King Louis XIV from a power-hungry relative.

Taking place in 17th century Heidelberg, Germany, Heidelberg 1693 sees you taking control of a Musketeer who has been dispatched to kill the “Moonking” – an illegitimate relative of King Louis XIV … Read More

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition – Beta Demo

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition is a fan made remake of the Lucasarts’ classic point and click adventure, string everyone’s favorite whip-cracking archaeologist as he goes in search of the mythical city of Atlantis.

The majority of the classic Lucasarts point and click adventures have all seen HD remakes of some sort, but (possibly due to licencing issues) Indiana Jones’ escapades … Read More

When The Past Was Around – Beta Demo

When The Past Was Around is a beautiful and surreal hand drawn point and click puzzle adventure about a girl who is searching for something missing from her world.

The narrative of When The Past Was Around is told via a series of disjointed room that represent memories from a young girl’s past. She’s accompanied by a shadowy beast which gathers more characteristics as the … Read More

Speak Easy – Student Game

Speak Easy is a narrative driven bartending simulator where you mix cocktails and chat to customers in a 1920’s prohibition era speakeasy.

In Speak Easy you take on the role of Ruth, a recently widowed bartender at an illicit speakeasy that’s set up in Chicago during the prohibition era. Taking place over the course of a few days, customers will come in and request different … Read More