Death Live – Student Game Download

Death Live is a fast paced old school rail shooter where you use guns and gravity bending orbs to blast your way through a violent futuristic game show.

Created by a team of students from the ETPA Game Design School, Death Live sees you taking on the role of a contestant in a violent sport show that’s broadcast throughout the entire galaxy. It’s a rail … Read More

Crimson – Beta Download

Crimson is a gritty, trippy and unsettling rhythm horror platformer set in a distorted, glitchy world where the world moves to the rhythm of heavy industrial metal music.

In Crimson you control a fleshy red ball as it makes its way through a freaky glitchy world full of deadly hazards. You can roll, double jump and wall jump, and as you make your way through … Read More

Like Them – Game Jam Build

Like Them is a very fast paced slide-til-you-stop puzzle game where a little happy ghost speeds through levels full of traps, enemies and collectibles.

Created for the Community Jam, in Like Them you control a little ghost that will dash in any direction you press until it hits an obstacle. In each level you need to collect a key and race to the door, … Read More