Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Student Project Game

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is a fun third person beat ‘em up that blends bodybuilding and Ikaruga-esque color based shoot ‘em up gameplay.

In Sun’s Out, Guns Out you take control of one of two muscle-bound hunks as they strut their stuff on the sun-soaked Venice Beach. However, not everyone is out to have a good time – aliens have invaded the beach and … Read More

You’re Doomed – Pre-Alpha Download

You’re Doomed is a fast paced SMASH TV style top-down multiplayer twin-stick arcade shooter that allows up to four players to blast their way through monster-filled levels as they accumulate massive multipliers and millions of points.

In You’re Doomed you control one of four characters as they blast their way through a series of kill rooms populated by deadly monsters. The current Pre-Alpha build features … Read More

Skirmish – Alpha Demo

Skirmish is a bizarre and brutal combat game where you run, jump and attack your enemies using just one button.

Skirmish is playable in a single player or co-op adventure mode or in a competitive PvP arena mode with up to four players. The adventure mode sees you hacking your way through enemy filled levels and bosses, unlocking new characters which you can add to … Read More

Colors of Your World – Game Jam Build

Colors of Your World is a charming little platforming adventure where you control a little cat who must sacrifice the colors it sees to earn new abilities.

In Colors of Your World you control a little black cat as it makes its way through a colorful pixel art game world. Initially the obstacles in your way are pretty simple, but as you progress things get … Read More

Rocket of Souls – Game Jam Build

Rocket of Souls is a stylish and atmospheric space shooter where you sacrifice humans to save humanity in a ship that’s powered by souls.

In Rocket of Souls a giant asteroid is about to wipe out all human life on planet earth and in a last ditch effort to save mankind, an ark ship has been launched containing a few hundred people and cargo containers … Read More