Ailuri – Alpha Demo

Ailuri is a beautifully animated hand drawn action platforming adventure where an adorable little red panda makes their way through a world filled with rare species that are endangered due to the destruction of their environment.

In Ailuri you take control of an incredibly cute little red panda called Ailuri and embark on an epic platforming adventure through a beautiful hand drawn world. Your aim … Read More

Dino Breakout – Game Jam Build Download

Dino Breakout is an inventive physics-based puzzle game where you throw balls to topple wooden towers and destroy cages containing cute little dinosaurs.

Created for the 8 Bits to Infinity Palette Jam, Dino Breakout is an easily accessible mouse-controlled physics-based puzzle game where you have a limited amount of throws to free dinosaurs from their cages. The cages in question are balanced atop a variety … Read More

Keyball – Prototype Download

Keyball is an inventive QWOP-like multiplayer ball-game where you press the corresponding keys on the keyboard to knock the ball around the screen and towards your rival’s goal.

In Keyball players take control of opposing sides of a keyboard and press the corresponding keys to hit the ball around the screen. Pressing a key will cause that key to shoot out of the on-screen keyboard/arena … Read More

Kraino ReAnimated – Alpha Demo

Kraino ReAnimated is a beautifully animated Castlevania-esque retro pixel art action platforming adventure where a skeleton fights his way through levels filled with monsters, secrets and challenging bosses.

A re-imagining of the popular 2018 iOS game, Kraino ReAnimated is a fast, fun and challenging old school action platformer set in a castle filled with grotesque ghouls. Your little scarf-wearing skeleton has a nice range … Read More