Bat Boy – Beta Demo

Bat Boy is an 8-bit styled retro action platforming adventure where a high school kid with a talent for hitting things with a bat sets out to save his friends from an evil mastermind.

In Bat Boy you follow the adventure of Ryosuke, a talented baseball player whose friends have all been kidnapped by the evil Lord Vicious. It seems that Lord Vicious has brainwashed … Read More

Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue – Beta Demo

Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue is a beautifully animated 2.5D action platformer where you storm burning buildings (and other locations), fight fires and attempt to rescue any civilians who are trapped within them.

In Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue you take on the role of the titular Firegurl – a young rescue officer with a talent for fighting fires. This talent seems to have been … Read More

Fallen City Brawl – Alpha Demo

Fallen City Brawl is an old school Final Fight style side scrolling beat ‘em up where four strangers set out to clean up the streets of a corrupt city.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s/90’s classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, Fallen City Brawl is a retro arcade beat ‘em up set on the dangerous streets of Fallen City. The demo features two playable … Read More

Exhausted Man – Beta Demo

Exhausted Man is a sedate and silly physics-based QWOP-like where you control a man who is too exhausted to stand, and instead slides, flops and rolls along surfaces (including walls!)

Currently in development by Candleman Games (Creators of Yet Another Exhausting Day), in Exhausted Man your aim is to complete various objectives with your totally exhausted character. Your character is far too tired to … Read More