RoboBunnies in Space! – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

RoboBunnies in Space! is a fast paced dual-control arcade game where you control two ships independently as they try to safely transport a magic crystal through space.

Playable in single-player or local co-op, in RoboBunnies in Space! you control two space-travelling robobunnies as they avoid hazards and transport a magical crystal that can save the universe. You control each bunny independently, using the left and … Read More

Virtual Wave – Beta Demo

Virtual Wave is a fast paced retro styled wave based arena shooter where you blast enemies, collect cash and purchase upgrades to help you survive in 1980’s virtual world ruled by a corrupt AI (which you coded).

At its core Virtual Wave is most akin to the early CoD: Zombies games, with you attempting to survive against increasingly challenging hordes of enemies in an 8-bit … Read More

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) – Game Jam Build

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) is a charming and wonderfully silly little building puzzler where you attempt to remember which drawers your building equipment is in while building custom birdhouses for your backyard friends.

In Billed To Order you have a selection of building materials (logs, nails, decorations, etc) and some tools (a saw and a hammer), and must use each one in … Read More