TRIGGORE – Game Jam Build Download

TRIGGORE blends old school shooting gallery gameplay with survival horror as you attempt to survive for as long as possible while being attacked by grotesque monsters.

Created by Francis Colombe and LumpyTouch (creator of the wonderfully weird Garfield Gameboy’d animations), TRIGGORE requires some real multitasking and shooting skills as you attempt to defend yourself from hordes of gruesome monsters who are invading your home. You … Read More

Trelet: The Land of Words – Game Jam Build Download

Trelet: The Land of Words features a clever fusion of 2D platforming and Scrabble-esque word games as you create words out of letters you collect to use them as platforms.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, Trelet: The Land of Words blends wordplay with platforming as you attempt to collect nine stars and make your way to the exit. Words are used as platforms in … Read More

Peck N Run – Prototype Download

Peck N Run is an adorable little game where you are a little sandpiper bird that attempts to gather enough food for its chicks while avoiding the waves as they roll in.

In Peck N Run you just have to run out onto the beach while the sea is out, peck to grab any shellfish that are unearthed and then take them back to your … Read More