Towertale – Beta Demo

Towertale is a narrative driven boss rush action adventure where four different characters attempt to fight their way to the top of a legendary tower to earn the ability to change their fates.

In Towertale you can choose from one of four playable characters and follow their unique story as they fight their way to the top of an ancient mythical tower. It’s said that … Read More

Point Line – Game Jam Build

Point Line is a stylish and super tough reflex testing single button arcade game where you attempt to dash between points in each level without being hit by any of the colored lines that dart around the screen.

The gameplay in Point Line is very simple but very hard to master. In each level your aim is to move from point-to-point along constellation-esque patterns. You … Read More

Deusimator – Student Game

Deusimator is a thoroughly bizarre fusion of Jalopy-esque car simulation and boxing where you beat up a rampaging Kaiju while driving a car/mech hybrid!

You start Deusimator sat within a normal(ish) looking car interior. Much like in any car It’s got a radio, ignition, a steering wheel, window wipers and a horn, all of which you can interact with. However, it also comes with … Read More