What The Car? – Beta Sign Up

What The Car? Is a thoroughly ridiculous physics-based driving game starring cars with legs, cars that can snowboard, cars that can swim and many more absurd automobiles.

Previously released on iOS by Triband (creators of What The Golf?) What The Car? is a driving game that stars a large roster of ridiculous vehicles and tracks. During the course of the game your car might … Read More

Dungeon Clawler – Alpha Demo

Dungeon Clawler is a clever mash-up of two very different genres, which sees you using a claw machine to fight your way through monster-filled dungeons.

In Dungeon Clawler you will fight your way through a series of dungeons, earn upgrades and collect loot. So far so roguelike, but the way you fight enemies in Dungeon Clawler makes a big difference.

During battles you are presented … Read More

One S’More – Beta Demo

One S’More is a wonderfully wholesome and creative puzzle game where you guide a marshmallow around watery levels to create s’mores.

The goal in each level is to manoeuvre the crackers and your little marshmallow in such a way that the marshmallow is next to two chocolate crackers – at which point you get a cute little animation of the three parts becoming a tasty … Read More

Rose and Locket – Beta Demo

Rose and Locket is an incredibly stylish weird west gunslinging action adventure where you slay the Barons of the Underwest to save your daughter.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Rose and Locket is a cinematic action platforming adventure with a graphic novel art style inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of Samurai Jack and Primal). The game follows the story … Read More