Bomber Barn – Beta Download

Bomber Barn is a Bomberman style multiplayer arena combat game in which a variety of farmyard animals attempt to blow each other up with bombs.

Heavily inspired by the classic Hudson Soft Bomberman games, Bomber Barn sees you blasting your way through an arena, collecting power-ups and attempting to be the last one standing in battles with up to 4 players locally (or in single … Read More

Fushi – Student Project Game

Fushi is a beautiful hand drawn puzzle platforming adventure set in a mythical Japanese world, where a mystical fox attempts to hunt down an evil yokai wisp that’s stolen their soul.

In Fushi you control a mythical fox who must make their way through the game’s beautiful hand drawn 2D game world to reclaim your soul. Initially you can run, jump, double jump and stick … Read More

FTD: Fixin’ To Die – Game Jam Build

FTD: Fixin’ To Die is a fast paced surgery sim that sees you making tough decisions as you sacrifice a few to save the many in an under-equipped field hospital.

In FTD: Fixin’ To Die you control a lone doctor in a tiny filed hospital with just two beds, a couple of bonesaws, a sink and a waste disposal unit. During each round there’s a … Read More

Please Player – Game Jam Build

Please Player is a hilarious and incredibly brutal little game where you press a big red button to violently murder various game characters that are presented to you.

Definitely not for the squeamish, the gameplay in Please Player is extremely simple – you have to “fight” your way through a series of video game characters by pressing the big red button at the top of … Read More

Total Party Kill – Game Jam Build

Total Party Kill is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use the unique skills of your three heroes to murder each other then use their bodies to help reach the exit.

In Total Party Kill you start each level with three characters which you can switch between at the touch of a button. You have a knight who can knock people up into … Read More