FROG – Student Game

FROG is a fantastic physics based open world puzzle platformer where you control a little tree frog with a big sticky tongue who causes lots of carnage in a big physics based sandbox playground.

In FROG you control an adorable little frog who is tasked with earning gold trophies by completing various challenges in a huge cardboard playground. You have a list of challenges to … Read More

Write’n’Slash – Student Project Game

Write’n’Slash is a beautifully animated fusion of hack ‘n slash action and typing where you quickly type various commands to fend off hordes of evil toys.

In Write’n’Slash you take control of a little doll called Molly who wants to write like humans, but the other toys hate this idea and are determined to stop her. You must now fight your way through increasing challenging … Read More

Sky Racket – Beta Download

Sky Racket features a fun mash-up of Tennis, Breakout and side-scrolling shoot ‘em up gameplay as you fly through the air whacking bullets with your tennis racket.

Sky Racket is a fully fleshed out version of a game jam prototype called Racketboy which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2015. In the game you cotrol RacketBoy or RacketGirl as they fly … Read More

Go All Out! – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

Go All Out! is a fast paced platform fighter with local and online matches for up to eight players and lots of fun guest characters from other media – including Cole from Get Even, and soon Teslakid from Teslagrad and Yandere-Chan from Yandere Simulator will be added to the roster!

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago during the closed Beta sign upRead More

Hyper Light Music – Alpha Download

Hyper Light Music is a super cool rhythm action arcade game that follows the beat, melody or percussion of your favorite songs as you defend your core from incoming attacks.

In Hyper Light Music you load up your favorite songs (in mp3 form) and choose from a selection of different modes to play in. Currently only Defend mode is available, but more modes will be … Read More