Just Flip – Beta Demo

Just Flip is an addictive mouse controlled physics-based platformer that draws inspiration from Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, as you try to flip, slide, ski and fall your way through a snowy mountainside.

Currently in development by Farseer Games, creators of the excellent Just Ski, Just Flip sees you using a mouse controlled jump to help you climb your way through a … Read More

Piercing the 4th Dimension – Game Jam Build Download

Piercing the 4th Dimension is a beautiful, bizarre and chilled out tunnel runner where you fall through a seemingly infinite series of holes while dodging the obstacles within them.

In Piercing the 4th Dimension you control a little free-falling protagonist as they fall through a seemingly never-ending series of holes. As you fall you encounter various obstacles which you can dodge by pressing left or … Read More

Snail’s Nightmare – Game Jam Build Download

Snail’s Nightmare is a challenging and fast paced arcade action game where you collect upgrades and collectibles while dodging laser beams in a snail’s neon nightmare.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Snail’s Nightmare sees you taking on the role of a snail who normally lives in a 2D world, but who is currently having a 3D nightmare that’s hosted by an evil AI. This … Read More

VSYNC: OFF – Game Jam Build Download

VSYNC: OFF is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use screen tearing glitches to shift the top half of the screen, break walls and solve puzzles.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, in VSYNC: OFF you control a simple looking square as it attempts to break free from a mysterious testing facility. You can move and jump as in a traditional platformer, but … Read More

lil’ Sherman – Alpha Download

lil’ Sherman features a challenging fusion of tower defense and third person tank combat as you blow up tanks, scavenge resources and build defenses to protect your base from enemy attacks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha Sign Up, lil’ Sherman sees you taking control of a Sherman tank and leading a counter-offensive against the Nazi forces during WWII. Your tank … Read More