Zordak – Beta Demo

Zordak is a beautifully animated Super Metroid inspired action platformeing metroidvania where you wake up after a 200 year long cryosleep to find that you’re alone in a long abandoned research facility.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a little over a year ago Zordak is a Sci-Fi metroidvania that wears its influences on its sleeve as your lone female protagonist battles aliens and collects … Read More

Office Intruders – Game Jam Build

Sometimes, you just have to fire someone. In Office Intruders, you need to fire the intruder who should not currently be inside the office. How would you figure that out? Well by doing basic tasks and trying to see which of the people aren’t able to carry them out properly.

On one screen, you can see each office block of your employees. It’s your … Read More

Super Surprise Party…? – Game Jam Build

Super Surprise Party…? is a cheerful looking, but creepy little game where you complete minigames to help a “friend” prepare a surprise party.

You’ve arrived at a house to help prepare a super surprise party for your friend. Unfortunately, other than the person whose house the party is taking place in, nobody else has turned up, so you need to gather the rest of your … Read More