Sugar Overkill: Arena – Beta Download

Sugar Overkill: Arena is a fast paced 2D pixel art action platforming arena shooter that plays like a vastly upgraded and expanded version of Super Crate Box, as you collect stackable upgrades blast candy mutants in post-apocalyptic world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Closed Beta sign up, Sugar Overkill: Arena is an 2D arena shooter where you control a variety … Read More

West of Dead – Open Beta (Xbox One)

The open Beta is now live on Xbox One for West of Dead, a stylish twin-stick shooter with tactical cover usage and voicework by Ron Perlman, set in a dark and gritty 1888 Wild West purgatory full of sin, damnation, wendigos and witches.

In West of Dead you take on the role of a dead gunslinger called William Mason, voiced by Ron Perlman, who … Read More

Primal Light – Alpha Demo

Primal Light is a challenging old school action platforming adventure where you control a weird blue musclebound creature who fights his way through a fleshy monster-filled world.

In Primal Light you take control of Krog, a mysterious blue creature with a powerful punch and a sturdy red loincloth, who must fight his way through large levels filled with traps, enemies and secrets, then dispatch the … Read More