Mighty Tactical Shooter – Pre-Alpha Demo

mighty tactical shooter

Mighty Tactical Shooter is a an old school 2D arcade shoot-em-up with a major twist – turn based combat.

The combat is a clever system that pauses the game and allows you to visually predict how your shots and movement will play out, allowing you to make it through situations that wouldn’t be possible in a normal shooter.  As well as the standard missiles and … Read More

Rocket League – Alpha Sign-Up

rocket league

Rocket League is a physics-based vehicle sports game that’s the successor to the Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. With upgraded next-gen graphics and visual art style, car customisation, better net code, and a lot more features, Rocket League aims to triple the fun factor the original had.

In Rocket League you can take control of a variety of high-speed cars in an arena equipped with rocket … Read More

Gunnihilation – Prototype


Gunnihilation is a fast, colourful and rather violent run n gun arcade shooter with ragdoll effects and plenty of carnage.

The game is early in development, but the current prototype includes 19 levels (including 4 boss levels) all created with a wonderful retro pixel art graphical style.  Gameplay is fast and fun, with the customisable dificulty settings (with score multipliers) and a system that rewards … Read More

FranknJohn – Prototype Download


In FranknJohn you use your head (literally), it’s a a head-swinging roguelike smash em’up with fast paced gameplay and the ability to change your abilities by equiping various different heads and body parts.

FranknJohn is a reanimated child with the body of Frank and the head of John, connected by a chain that he can swing around and smash into enemies.  Being a reanimated corpse … Read More

Rampage Knights – Alpha Demo

rampage knights

Rampage Knights is a chaotic cooperative beat ’em up with randomized dungeon crawling, exploration, customisation, lots of weaponry, magic powers and loot.

You play as a hero trapped by a spell in a magical forest where all paths lead to a nearby ruined castle – the source of the black magic covering the land.

Rampage Knights features randomised roguelite gameplay inspired by The Binding of Read More