Overdosed: A Trip To Hell – Pre-Alpha Demo

Overdosed 1

Overdosed: A Trip To Hell is a chaotic Unreal Engine 4 powered top down shooter that’s effectively Call Of Duty Zombies, transferred into a fast paced and brutal twin-stick shooter, with super-fast giant spiders and a dash of LSD.

From start to finish, Overdosed is a packed with intense, adrenaline fueled action.  You’ll need fast reflexes and a level head to survive as swarms … Read More

The Foolish Brave – Alpha Demo

the floolish brave

The island of Neria is in a state of decay, deteriorating all life within it. Deep within the heart of the forest lies an area mysteriously unaffected by this plague, named Divinity’s Playground. Either by intuition, or by the convenient foreshadowing of the name of this sanctuary, seasoned adventurers Ozma and Ry were called in to investigate and potentially put an end to this Read More

Lovesick – GameJam Build Download

lovesick game download
Lovesick is a gloriously gross game that sees a newly married couple coping with projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea by trying to fire as much of it as possible into the toilet.

After consuming undercooked shrimp on their wedding night, the newly weds are hunkered down in the bathroom ready for the worst.  What follows is an explosion of barf and faeces as players take … Read More

Spooky Ghost Wheel Town – GameJam Build Download

spooky ghost wheel town

Spooky Ghost Wheel Town, a game made for the Ghost Wheel? Jam, puts you in an abandoned amusement park, looking to destroy ghosts that haunt the area.

This simple but addictive game has the player, a charming skeleton, jumping on top of ghosts to collect enough money to pay off the grim reaper. Where better to find ghosts then by the ferris wheel at … Read More

Blue Revolver – Alpha Download

blue revolver

Blue Revolver is a 2D top-down bullet-hell shooter inspired by classic games by CAVE and Raizing with a wonderful pixel art style and animation.

You play as a bunny-eared technical genius named Mae, as she fights her way through the army named the ‘Blue Revolver’.  The gameplay and controls are simple and fun, with a nice selection of weaponry – bullets, missiles, a huge laser … Read More