Luckslinger – Alpha Demo


Luckslinger is a wonderful hip-hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a great sense of humor, and an interesting game mechanic where luck has a huge effect on the world around you.

At it’s core Luckslinger is an action platformer – one of the freshest, wittiest and strangest you’re likely to play.  The luck mechanic plays a pivotal role in the game – if your … Read More

Splasher – Alpha Demo


We first featured Splasher in May last year and found it to be a fun mix of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Meat Boy and the painty bits from Portal.

Splasher has come along leaps and bounds since the (still impressive) early prototype, with the game word fully fleshed out with vibrant visuals and cartoony animation.  You play a nimble little saboteur who sprays … Read More

Psycho Starship Rampage – Alpha Demo

psycho starship rampage

Psycho Starship Rampage is an impressive roguelike space shooter which allows you to build and fully customise your ship as you blast your way through procedurally generated levels and enemies.

Building your ship is fairly easy (we’d recommend checking out the short tutorial first though), with you simply right-clicking and selecting which sections to add to the blueprint.  Once your ship’s all ready to go, … Read More

60-Second Streaker – GameJam Build

60 second streaker

60-Second Streaker, a game made for the Global Game Jam 15, wants you to destroy as much of your town as you can just by being naked.

You have woken up and are naked. Not sure how that’s happened, but you have decided the best thing to do is to run around outside, naked, causing as much havoc as you can in 60 seconds. … Read More

Atakapu – Alpha Demo


Atakapu is 2.5D fantasy platformer that has a focus on speed-running, where you play as a creature with multiple costumes, each with their own unique attributes, that you must take advantage of fully in order to finish the level in the fastest way possible.

Aside from your normal attire, you also have access to two costumes, one is made for advanced platforming where you can … Read More