Rhythm Fighter – Beta Demo

Rhythm Fighter is a rhythm action roguelike brawler that puts the BEAT in “beat ‘em up”, as you pulverize hordes of brainwashed vegetables along to the music.

The head-bopping rhythm action gameplay of Rhythm Fighter takes place in a world where the nefarious Commander Chaos has used dark beat energy to turn peaceful vegetables into his evil minions. Under the guidance of a mysterious and … Read More

DUNKEGG – Game Jam Build Download

DUNKEGG is a very funny and brutally tough little QWOP-loke game where you control two soldiers as they try to transport the badly injured “Greg the Egg” through a warzone full of eggsplosions and wonderfully bad puns!

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in DUNKEGG you simultaneously control two little soldier eggs at either side of a stretcher carrying a badly injured egg (called Greg). The … Read More

Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer – Game Jam Build Download

Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer is an oddly adorable little game where a space-bunny kills planets and feeds their hearts to its planet-eating boss.

In Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer you control a little rabbit with a jetpack and a big spear which can be used to destroy planets. Your planet-sized boss is hungry and needs to feed on the hearts of celestial bodies. You get those hearts by … Read More