Second Chance Heroes is a fast-paced, arcade dungeon crawler with a great sense of humour.  The playable characters are particularly eccentric, the roster includes Abe Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth I, and Mari Curie.  Use them to blow up, gun down and beat up hordes of mutant monsters.  It’s great fun, made even better by the addition of 4 player c0-op.

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More of an experience than a game.  This visually stunning creation feels like you’re flying through a graphic equaliser.  It features 5 different songs at the moment, but you can upload your own ones.  Features Occulus Rift support.

Download the Alpha direct from their Greenlight page HERE

Make sure to read the README File so you know what you’re doing.

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A very Gory and very silly game. You play as Twisty; the evil, disembodied floating brain with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, as he makes his way through this bizarre mental facility, fighting enemies and solving puzzles in order to secure his own “early release” from the asylum.

Download the full game for free HERE

Vote for them on Greenlight HERE

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