Doors – Student Game

Ever wonder about every single door that you see in a video game? Well, to be honest, I haven’t either, but Doors really puts all of the different properties of doors in perspective, and seems to analyse the heck out of them.

Doors is a point and click adventure game where you play as detective Clickclick, who has been called to the Doors Inn, in … Read More

Flies in a Jar – Game Jam Build Download

Flies in a Jar is a clever little horror puzzle adventure where you’re a security guard who’s tasked with keeping an eye on some flies in a jar that have been experimented on.

In Flies in a Jar you have recently secured a job as a security guard at a top secret research facility and your only job is to observe some harmless looking flies … Read More

Hardwork Simulator – Game Jam Build

Hardwork Simulator is a quirky little game where you try to type out a document while also dropping letters on angry stickmen who are trying to destroy your hard work.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, in Hardwork Simulator you mash the keys on your keyboard to type out a document. This part of the game is very easy, but you also have to deal with … Read More

Good Vibes Jogging – Game Jam Build

Good Vibes Jogging is a delightful little game where you go for a little jog through a park and spread good vibes among the other joggers.

Created for the OST Jam Vol. 4 by andyman404 (creator of Mr Buttman’s Grand Opening and Fingerpaint Art Restoration) Good Vibes Jogging is a lighthearted jogging game where you burn a few calories and make a few friends. … Read More

The Pest-Doctor of Wippra – Game Jam Build

The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a dark little point and click adventure that follows the story of a young doctor whose research into the plague has angered the church in medieval Germany.

Created for the $105 Adventure Game Challenge jam, The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a point and click adventure that tells the tale of a bright young doctor who has some ideas that have … Read More