b-e-e-t-l-e – Game Jam Build Download

b-e-e-t-l-e is a delightful little non-combative typing-based puzzle adventure which has a leisurely pace and no time-limits as a cute little crocodile goes in search of their missing beetle.

Created for the Mini Jam 71, b-e-e-t-l-e is a charming little adventure where you type words to interact with the environment. Unlike most typing games there are no stress-inducing time limits – you can type at … Read More

Kingdom Tetris – Game Jam Build

Kingdom Tetris features a clever fusion of city building and Tetris-esque block-based puzzling as you place land, buildings and crops to expand your kingdom as far as possible.

Created for the Mini Jam 71 in Kingdom Tetris you are presented with a small island and some a variety of random Tetris-esque pieces that drop down the left side of the screen. If any … Read More

Two Player – Game Jam Build

Two Player is a fun little narrative-driven game where you sit down with your friend and play a zombie-blasting co-op FPS.

Created for 7dfps, in Two Player you find yourself sitting on a couch next to an old friend, ready to play a new co-op FPS. Your buddy is playing on their laptop and you are playing on the large projector screen in front of … Read More

Tentaclescape – Game Jam Build

Tentaclescape is a fun little Eldritch horror puzzle game where Cthulhu attempts to fill boxes with his tentacles to escape from a series of boxes he’s trapped in!

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Tentaclescape you take control of Cthulhu, the almighty Great Old One of immeasurable power, who has managed to get his head trapped in a series of hunter’s boxes. You now … Read More

A Feast for Geese – Game Jam Build

A Feast for Geese is a beautiful little narrative experience where you sit down on a park bench and have a surprisingly deep and meaningful conversation with a stranger.

Created for the Completion Jam, in A Feast for Geese you find yourself sitting on a park bench with a scenic view, some birds pecking around and a stranger sitting on the other side of the … Read More