Pawnbarian – Alpha Download

Pawnbarian features an innovative mash-up of Chess, deck-building and dungeon crawling roguelike gameplay as you choose which moves to use in turn based-battles against hordes of enemies.

In Pawnbarian you take control of the titular Pawnbarian and attempt to fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging dungeons. Your movement is controlled by the cards you draw from the deck each turn – so … Read More

When Nothing Came – Game Jam Build

When Nothing Came is a narrative exploration experience that play like an interactive poem as you explore a world full of words and beautiful hand drawn artwork.

When Nothing Came tells a sad story, through a bunch of little poems, all weaving and circling hand drawn graphics that appear as you walk. You play a little flower, who seems to be the ‘she’ poems are … Read More

Ghost House – Game Jam Build Download

Ghost House is a charming little spooky retro adventure where you search for cute little ghosts who are hiding in an old haunted house.

It contains a haunted house and ghosts, but Ghost House isn’t what you’d call a horror game. It’s lighthearted and whimsical adventure designed to make you smile rather than jump. In the game you enter a mysterious old house and find … Read More

Day Zero – Game Jam Build

Day Zero is a charming and playful little experimental game where you start with nothing and attempt to create/discover various important aspects of life, the universe and everything.

Created for Ludum 45, in Day Zero you are essentially a God of a small one-screen universe which you create by experimenting and interacting with the different on-screen objects. You start with nothing, but as you progress … Read More

Sabotage – Game Jam Build

Starting with nothing, not even clothing, in Sabotage you are a badass naked Colonel who is single handedly looking to take out the entire enemy army by using your environment and stealing dropped weapons.

Created for Ludum Dare 45 game, in each level of Sabotage you have several rooms full of baddies, spikes which are against the wall, exploding barrels and more. It’s up to … Read More