PICO-8 Prince of Persia – Alpha Demo

The original Prince of Persia, the granddaddy of cinematic action platformers, is now playable on the PICO-8 virtual console!

Originally released way back in 1990, Prince of Persia has since been ported to a wide variety of consoles (even rather successfully to 8-bit consoles), but now thanks to developer TheRoboZ, it’s coming to the diminutive PICO-8 virtual console. The current build features the first … Read More

Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings – Beta

Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings is a fantastic Resident Evil Game Boy demake that delivers a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek take on Capcom’s classic survival horror adventure.

In Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings you’ll be able to play through a rather different take on the original Resident Evil game. It features all the main story beats and locations of the entire first mansion segment from Resident Evil, but … Read More

Doctor Who: A Space and Time Saga – Alpha Demo

Doctor Who: A Space and Time Saga is a great little Doctor Who point and click adventure fan game where the Doctor investigates a distress call coming from a defunct Cybermen spaceship.

In Doctor Who: A Space and Time Saga you follow the adventure of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) as he investigates a distress call. The call seems to be coming from a non-operational … Read More

Alone in the Diner – Game Jam Build

Alone in the Diner is a dark little first person horror game where you wake up in a diner filled with ghosts who have deep regrets.

In Alone in the Diner you wake up at a table in a diner that at first glance seems to be deserted. However, you have a digital camera, which you can use to reveal dark shadowy ghost-like entities and … Read More

Pizza Kidd – Prototype

Pizza Kidd is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up inspired by 16-bit era classics and 90’s Anime Sci-Fi, which sees a pizza boy battling hordes of grotesque monsters.

In Pizza Kidd you follow the adventure of Kidd – a pizza boy who awakens in the ruins of a pizzeria to find that monsters have stolen the sacred stones from his pizza-shaped necklace that was bestowed upon … Read More