Piepacker – Open Beta

Piepacker is a browser based multiplayer gaming platform that allows players to easily meet up and play a selection of over 60 classic retro games together.

The problem with a lot of retro games is that they were always the most amount of fun when playing with (or against) friends. It was always more fun when you could see your buddy’s face when you obliterated … Read More

R-Type (PICO-8) – Beta Demo

R-Type (PICO-8) is a near perfect fan-made PICO-8 powered port of Irem’s classic R-Type game, complete with power-ups, force sphere, music and boss battles!

Currently in development by The Roboz (creator of the excellent Masters of the Universe fighting game), this excellent port manages to faithfully recreate R-Type on the PICO-8 virtual console. The current build contains two levels (three are planned in the full … Read More

Sticky Slimes – Game Jam Build Download

Sticky Slimes is an inventive little puzzle game where you control slimes that stick together when next to each-other, whether you want them to or not!

Created for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1, in each level of Sticky Slimes your aim is to guide one slime to the exit. You start off controlling one slime, but when your slime comes into contact with another slime … Read More

Vast Trivia of the Void – Game Jam Build

Vast Trivia of the Void is a fantastic single-player trivia game where you answer questions on different topics as you venture deep into an abyss.

Created for Ludum Dare 48 bye Whales and Games (creators of Townseek) Vast Trivia of the Void is a single-player quiz game set in a vast void that’s inhabited by omniscient creature of the abyss (called the “Thing of … Read More