Scotch Broom – Game Jam build

Scotch Broom is a creepy and surreal little point and click murder mystery adventure where you investigate the latest in a series of bizarre murders that you keep being called to by an anonymous caller.

Created in Twine for the Scream City game jam, Scotch Broom is a strange and unsettling murder mystery where you may find clues, but nothing makes sense. Lately you’ve been … Read More

9 Circles – Game Jam Build

9 Circles is a stylish and super tough two button precision platformer where you shift colors and alternate gravity to allow you to pick up nine circles in each rotating level.

In 9 Circles you control your little stickman character with just two buttons – one to flip the gravity and one to change your stickman’s color. The effects of flipping the gravity are self … Read More

Seven Days in Purgatory – Game Jam Build

Seven Days in Purgatory, a Papers, Please inspired management game made for the TV Game Jam, puts you in charge of making sure the right people go to ‘the good place’ and ‘the bad place’.

In your new job, the grim reaper himself informs you each day of new rules. These rules are then put in your rules book and you must judge as … Read More

Santa Monica By Night – Game Jam Build

Santa Monica By Night is a dark narrative driven point and click adventure set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, which follows a thin blood as he tries to track down a target for his vampire master.

Created for the Vampire Jam over seven days, Santa Monica By Night is a dark and atmospheric point and click adventure set in the Vampire: The … Read More

ORUL – GameJam Build

ORUL is a clever little PICO-8 powered puzzle platformer where you control two linked characters as they traverse slightly different versions of the same world.

In each single screen level of ORUL your aim is simple – reach the exit at the side of the screen. However, you’re not just controlling one character, you’re controlling two characters that are physically linked. This means that if … Read More