City of Sakadachi – Game Jam Build

City of Sakadachi is a wonderfully inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you can flip the gravity of the world around you while clinging to the ground with your hands.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam in City of Sakadachi you control a young girl who loves doing handstands (sakadachi) and when she does them then the gravity of everything around her flips, leaving … Read More

Petarimubu ペタリムーブ – Game Jam Build

Petarimubu (ペタリムーブ) is a quirky little physics-based action game where you move your four legs independently to traverse a narrow tunnel system without letting your body touch a surface.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam, in Petarimubu your aim is simply to travel through a winding tunnel system without letting your body come into contact with a wall. You have four … Read More

The Door Museum – Game Jam Build Download

The Door Museum is a short and very funny Stanley Parable-esque adventure where you get a guided tour around a door museum that’s not quite ready yet.

Created for the 101 Hours Jam, in The Door Museum you find yourself at the entrance of a museum dedicated to the humble door. The museum isn’t ready yet so the proprietor promptly asks you to leave. … Read More

Efi – Game Jam Build Download

Your baby birds have fallen out of the nest, but in Efi, you can collect them back up, despite being only a bird head with an extremely long neck.

Your birds seem to have fallen into various dungeon-like levels, where you start at a doorway and move forward, automatically. To control yourself in Efi, you can adjust to be moving left or right, … Read More

Spring Cleaning – Game Jam Build

Spring Cleaning is a creepy little 1-bit styled psychological horror game where you really put your heart into doing a list of household chores as you overcome your grief and face your demons.

In Spring Cleaning you control a hand using your mouse and use it to carry out a list of spring cleaning chores – clean out a drawer, sort and box some items, … Read More