Snail’s Nightmare – Game Jam Build Download

Snail’s Nightmare is a challenging and fast paced arcade action game where you collect upgrades and collectibles while dodging laser beams in a snail’s neon nightmare.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Snail’s Nightmare sees you taking on the role of a snail who normally lives in a 2D world, but who is currently having a 3D nightmare that’s hosted by an evil AI. This … Read More

VSYNC: OFF – Game Jam Build Download

VSYNC: OFF is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use screen tearing glitches to shift the top half of the screen, break walls and solve puzzles.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, in VSYNC: OFF you control a simple looking square as it attempts to break free from a mysterious testing facility. You can move and jump as in a traditional platformer, but … Read More

Outer Bounds – Game Jam Build

Outer Bounds is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you push yourself into solids to help gain momentum and jump huge distances.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Outer Bounds is a short and cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer where you can phase yourself into solid objects and gain lots of vertical momentum when you exit them. There are various gaps and lasers that … Read More

Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise – Game Jam Build

Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise is a Bandersnatch-esque Pico-8 based choose your own adventure game where you go on a little journey where every choice you make can mean the difference between life and death.

Alfredo’s Stupendous Surprise is actually a remake of a game of the same name, made by Tom Hall & John Romero for Softdisk Issue #98. This newer remake was made for Tom … Read More

Super Retro Chase – Game Jam Build Download

Super Retro Chase is an addictive little vaporwave styled racing game where you race a supercar between checkpoints and drive around them while avoiding the police.

In Super Retro Chase you control a dinky little supercar as it drives around attempting to activate as many checkpoints as possible. You activate the checkpoints by staying within a set circumference of them for a few seconds (which … Read More