Sabotage – Game Jam Build

Starting with nothing, not even clothing, in Sabotage you are a badass naked Colonel who is single handedly looking to take out the entire enemy army by using your environment and stealing dropped weapons.

Created for Ludum Dare 45 game, in each level of Sabotage you have several rooms full of baddies, spikes which are against the wall, exploding barrels and more. It’s up to … Read More


ASCIIDENT is a very stylish new open world Sci-Fi survival adventure where all of the visuals are created from ASCII text.

Currently in development by Lithuanian developer Andrey Fomin, ASCIIDENT is an ASCII based open world survival adventure that tells the tale of a human clone who escapes from space pirates and crash lands his ship on a strange asteroid. The asteroid was colonized millennia … Read More

You Lose. Good Day, Sir. – Game Jam Build

You Lose. Good Day, Sir. is a very inventive little Scrabble-esque word puzzle game with some wonderfully weird twists and a very angry armadillo.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in You Lose. Good Day, Sir. you use your Scrabble-solving mind to chat to an angry armadillo and alter the game world. In each part of the conversation you are given a set amount … Read More

Another Story – Game Jam Build

Another Story is a charming little point and click adventure where a young boy sets out on an adventure to save “Princess Zeila” from Darth Vader’s Death Star.

The narrative of Another Story takes place within a made up little bedtime story that a father is telling his son to get him to sleep. The son requests a story about a prince and Darth Vader, … Read More

RELAY – Beta Download

RELAY is an inventive 2D puzzle platformer where you transmit your mind to different bodies to overcome obstacles in its cleverly crafted levels.

In each level of RELAY your aim is to make simply to make your way to the exit. However there are invariably a selection of locked doors, large gaps, walls and deadly hazards in your way. Your little robotic body isn’t particularly … Read More