Word Worm – Game Jam Build

Word Worm is an addictive little word game where you attempt to make words from the letters on screen to clear the way for a little worm to burrow its way down to the bottom of each level.

In Word Worm you are presented with a random selection of letters that slowly scroll upwards from the bottom. You remove tiles by forming words, which then … Read More

Driller – Game Jam Build

Driller is an addictive retro styled directional drilling arcade game where you attempt to guide a drill head through underground mazes while protecting your drill shaft from monster attacks.

Playing a little like a blend of Snake and Pac-Man, Driller tasks you with guiding your drill head through various underground mazes to collect all the oil pockets. The underground mazes aren’t uninhabited though – … Read More

Yellow Door – Game Jam Build

Yellow Door is a creepy little point and click text adventure where a damned man explores a familiar, but unwelcoming and abandoned old house.

You have done some very bad things in your lifetime and have lost everything due to your behaviour. You are now returning to an abandoned house that holds many old memories of yours. Yellow Door blends text adventure elements with a … Read More

goodbye, doggy – Game Jam Build

goodbye, doggy is a charming little puzzle adventure where you take control of the spirit of a recently deceased dog and help its family get over their loss.

You’ve had a good time with your loving family, but your life as a the family pet has come to an end and it’s time to ascend to doggy heaven. Your family are all grieving over your … Read More