Bottomless – Game Jam Build Download

Bottomless is a beautifully animated pixel art platformer where you use your rock-climbing skills to make short trips down a bottomless pit to retrieve parts of an ancient machine.

Created for the Godot Wild Jam, you start Bottomless at a base camp in Antarctica right next to a mysterious ancient machine and a bottomless pit. The missing parts for the machine are at various locations … Read More

BOBO GOOEY – Game Jam Build

BOBO GOOEY is a puzzle platformer where you can use goo to change what plane of existence you are in.

In BOBO GOOEY, you play as BOBO, a gooey person who is trapped inside a laboratory, looking to escape. This is a pretty common idea in games, however, BOBO GOOEY is very unique. There are different squares of slime on the laboratory walls, which … Read More

Shot in the Dark – Alpha Demo

Shot in the Dark is a stylish pixel art adventure that blends 2D platforming and shooting gallery gameplay as your lone gunman blasts his way through a supernatural Wild West world in search of vengeance.

In Shot in the Dark you take control of a bandit as he uses his trusty six-shooter to blast his way through demons, cultists and dead gunslingers in an occult … Read More

Dive in Verse – Game Jam Build

Dive in Verse is a simple, stylish and challenging little physics-based arcade game where you control a ball’s momentum by flipping between the over and under-world and rolling down the slopes of the hills in them.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam, Dive in Verse is a simple and addictive game that’s incredibly hard to master. It’s controlled entirely with the spacebar, with … Read More

Opposite Edge of Slumber – Game Jam Build

Opposite Edge of Slumber is a tense and atmospheric text based SCi-Fi adventure where you find yourself trapped within a dream that resembles a strange abandoned space station.

In Opposite Edge of Slumber you find yourself trapped in a space station that represents a dream you can’t wake up from. You need to explore the station and search for the various keys and useful items … Read More