Master Key – Kickstarter Demo

Master Key is a Zelda inspired action adventure with metroidvania elements, set in a 1-bit styled black and white world that’s packed full of secrets.

Drawing inspiration from the classic top-down Zelda games (Link’s Awakening especially), Master Key is black and white top-down action adventure that follows a little fox who discovers a magical key after falling down a deep dark hole. It features … Read More

Backpack Hero – Beta Demo

Backpack Hero is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you need to optimally organize your equipment in your backpack and battle monsters.

In Backpack Hero you control a little mouse with a big backpack as they battle their way through levels of a dungeon filled with monsters. The combat is turn-based and you perform actions by clicking on different weapons and consumables in your backpack (click … Read More

Shotgun Highway – Game Jam Build Download

Shotgun Highway is a fun little high-score chasing shooter where you speed along a vast looping highway and blast vehicles in your way.

Created for the Black and White Jam, Shotgun Highway is a simple, but fun little game where you speed along a highway shooting vehicles with your shotgun. You’ve been sent on a mission to infiltrate the “Highway Loop”. Everyone on it is … Read More

Cave of Past Sorrows – Game Jam Build Download

Cave of Past Sorrows is a very tough little action platformer that puts you in a looping bullet hell arena where that you share with previous versions of yourself and have to dodge the bullets they fire!

Created for the Black and White Jam, Cave of Past Sorrows is a bullet hell shooter where you create the bullet hell. The game is played in rounds … Read More

Closed Circuit – Game Jam Build

Closed Circuit is a clever little grid-based puzzle game where you attempt to lay out wiring so that it connects lightbulbs to a power source.

Created for the Black and White Jam, in each level of Closed Circuit your goal is simple – lay out the wire in such a way that it passes through all the lightbulbs and comes back to the power source … Read More