Myrtle Takes the City – Game Jam Build Download

Myrtle Takes the City is a delightful little PICO-8 powered puzzle platforming adventure where you complete miniquests and collect gems and coins in a big city.

Created for the Toy Box Jam 2019, Myrtle Takes the City is a charming little bite-sized 3D platforming adventure where you control a little round hero called Myrtle. Myrtle’s invincible, so there’s nothing to fear as you roam the … Read More

Ahoy! – Game Jam Build

Ahoy! is a very addictive little browser based raft building game where you attempt to gather debris and build as large a craft as possible in a sea full of mines and pirates.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Ahoy! you start the game naked and floating in the sea. You can then click on debris that floats near you to collect it and start … Read More

Boxthing – Game Jam Build

Boxthing features an inventive and rage-inducingly tough blend of point and click puzzling and action platforming as you attempt to figure out how to interact with each level and fight your way past the weird monsters in them.

In Boxthing you control a box with your mouse and a boxer with the WASD keys. You need to get the boxer to the exit of each … Read More

Mirror VR – Game Jam Build

Mirror VR is a short and freaky little game where a young woman sits in front of a mirror in a darkened room while reflecting on her past.

Playable on standard screens or VR, Mirror VR is a creepy little three minute horror game created for the Scream Solstice Game Jam, which plays out as a young woman sits in front of a mirror. The … Read More

LetterWriter ’99 – Game Jam Build

LetterWriter ’99 is a very funny, surprising and occasionally creepy little narrative-driven game where you attempt to write a job application letter in the year 1999.

Many things were different in 1999 – Clinton had just been impeached, people were terrified of the Y2K bug and Windows 98 was the operating system most PC users had to struggle with. To be fair Windows 98 wasn’t … Read More