Veiled – Game Jam Build Download

Veiled is a very creepy and surprisingly intense 1-bit styled point and click horror adventure where you search for your missing child in a mysterious house.

Created for the A Game By Its Cover 2020 jam, in Veiled you take on the role of a concerned parent who has tracked down the last known location of their missing kid to a creepy old mansion in … Read More

Pac Man’s Sky – Pre-Alpha

Pac Man’s Sky is a fun fusion of Pac-Man and No Man’s Sky where you gobble pellets on little planetoids to collect fuel for a rocket that can fly between them.

Initially Pac Man’s Sky plays very much like Pac-Man, but with a spherical 3D maze rather than a rectangular 2D one. Ghosts chase you and you can grab cherries and power-pills much like … Read More

Rocket Sword – Beta Download

Rocket Sword is a wonderfully chaotic action game where you fly around the screen slaying enemies with a rocket-powered sword.

In Rocket Sword your aim is to survive for as long as possible and rack up as high a score as possible by slaying enemies with your rocket-powered sword. You use the mouse to aim the sword, use the left mouse button to fire its … Read More

Goodboy Galaxy – Kickstarter Demo

Goodboy Galaxy is a delightful exploration action platforming game for Game Boy Advance (as well as PC and Switch), which follows a brave space adventuring doggie as he gets trapped in the depths of a strange alien planet.

In Goodboy Galaxy you’ll follow the adventure of a brave space exploring dog as they explore a strange planet, blast baddies, and meet new friends. After exploring … Read More

DOORPUNCHER – Game Jam Build

DOORPUNCHER is a fun little arcade game where you beat up demons that come to your front door, whilst avoiding punching innocent grannies, kids and puppies!

Created for the LOWREZJAM 2021 by helpcomputer and LumpyTouch (the pixel art genius behind Gorefield and many other freaky creations), DOORPUNCHER is an addictive little arcade game about opening your door and punching stuff. When your door opens you … Read More