Roulette Knight – Game Jam Build

Roulette Knight is a very addictive and very tense roguelike Russian Roulette RPG in which you collect loot, earn XP, unlock perks and explore a kingdom while avoiding shooting yourself to death.

In Roulette Knight you take control of a fearless knight who must survive a series of Russian Roulette matches as he traverses the kingdom. In each square of the kingdom map you have … Read More

FetchQuest Rally – Game Jam Build

FetchQuest Rally is a silly fusion of fast paced fetch questing and rally driving which sees a grumpy gnome assisting a rude rally driver.

In FetchQuest Rally you take on the name of Bucket – a gnome who pops up into existence inside a rally car in the middle of a race. The rally driver is a bit unfriendly to say the least, but he … Read More

Pe@ce – Game Jam Build

Pe@ce, an ASCII-styled platformer made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you attempting to make it through a deadly trap-filled facility!

in Pe@ce you control a nimble little ‘@’ sign that flips around and moves quickly through each platforming level. The world around you – a strangely abandoned facility – is full of traps, doors to travel through, and keys to find. You need … Read More

Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 – Game Jam Build

Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 is a wonderfully gruesome surgery simulator that sees you fixing up your boxer’s mangled face between rounds!

Anyone who’s ever seen a Rocky film will know that a boxer’s face can get pretty wrecked during the course of a boxing match (mainly due to Rocky’s unique technique of blocking punches with his face), which often requires some makeshift ringside surgery so … Read More

Tau Station – Open Alpha

Tau Station is a very impressive browser based text-based massively multiplayer RPG set in a lore rich universe 189 years since humanity was almost wiped out by an unknown entity.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year while it was in closed Alpha, Tau Station offers a narrative-focused test-based massively multiplayer experience in a Sci-Fi universe that feels fondly reminiscent of Star Wars and … Read More