Video Exorcist – Game Jam Build

Video Exorcist is a fun little arcade game where you lose one of your controller buttons each time you get hit by an enemy.

In Video Exorcist you are an exorcist who has been called in to exorcise a possessed game system that has swallowed an innocent child. To do this you must play the game cartridge and vanquish all the monsters using a combination … Read More

Stratform – Alpha Download

Stratform is a cleverly designed turn-based puzzle platformer that you control with just two buttons.

In Stratform you control a little pixelated man who can only step forwards or jump. Your character will automatically turn around if they hit a wall and you can drop straight down or move diagonally down through the air depending on where you press the jump or step button. Your … Read More

Draw Your Own Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

Draw Your Own Adventure is a delightful little interactive story where you draw all the characters and make choices as a king goes in search of a queen in a medieval fantasy land.

In Draw Your Own Adventure a narrator tells a charming (and rather silly) story about a King who goes in search of love. The story is played out on a little hand … Read More

Like Them – Game Jam Build

Like Them is a very fast paced slide-til-you-stop puzzle game where a little happy ghost speeds through levels full of traps, enemies and collectibles.

Created for the Community Jam, in Like Them you control a little ghost that will dash in any direction you press until it hits an obstacle. In each level you need to collect a key and race to the door, … Read More

Legs – Game Jam Build Download

Legs is a fun and surprisingly tricky little QWOP-like 2D platformer where you control a set of legs as they take a stroll along the beach, avoiding crabs and sea urchins, as you make your way to the sea.

In Legs you control a set of disembodied legs that want to go for a swim in the sea. However, your movement is a little wonky … Read More