No Lims – Alpha Demo

No Lims is a meditative experimental puzzle action game in which you guide a gooey little snake around abstract levels interacting and transforming it in different ways.

Playing a little like Soft Body (the developers award winning previous game), No Lims sees you guiding a snake around its stylish minimalist game world. There are no instructions, you’re simply left to your own devices as you … Read More – Open Beta is an addictive browser based multiplayer blend of real time strategy and tactical warfare in which you build and command an army, build alliances and destroy your enemy.

In you control a general who can amass an army of soldiers around them and build useful structures such as gold mines, archery towers, houses and mage towers. Gold mines can be built on top … Read More

Shifting Dreamscape – Game Jam Build

Shifting Dreamscape, a challenging retro platformer made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you playing a slime, who needs to sleep to change the environment – without sleeping too much and slipping into an eternal nightmare.

In Shifting Dreamscape, you start off in an adorable dream world, controlling a cute little slime in a nightcap. Occasionally you’ll come across a section of the … Read More

The More Hair You Have… – Game Jam Build

The More Hair You Have… is a short but important little game that deals with issues of social pressure and the stigma of female body hair.

In The More Hair You Have… you play a young woman who is walking along the beach minding your own business. Then occasionally some body hair will grow and a passerby will shout at you until you use your … Read More