Opossum Country – Game Jam Build

Opossum Country is a very creepy little Game Boy horror game where a pizza delivery man encounters oddball characters and suspicious behaviour as he makes a delivery to a mysterious trailer park.

Created for the SCREAM FM game jam, in Opossum Country you follow the adventure of a pizza delivery man whose curiosity gets the better of him as he discovers a very strange trailer … Read More

Aeronaut – Game Jam Build

Aeronaut is a charming little arcade flying game where you pilot a little biplane through a procedurally generated archipelago delivering mail to the houses below.

Created for PROCJAM 2020, Aeronaut is a little PICO-8 power game where you deliver mail using a cute little biplane to a cluster of procedurally generated islands. You can fly around, increase and decrease your pitch and press Z to … Read More

One Last Game – Game Jam Build Download

One Last Game is a dread-inducing little experience where you play one final game of checkers with a loved one.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, in One Last Game you find yourself sitting down at a table in-front of a checkers board with an old and rather unhappy man sat across from you. You proceed to play checkers, but it soon becomes apparent … Read More

Starlock – Game Jam Build

Starlock is a short and action packed Contra-esque retro side-scrolling shooter where you blast your way through three challenging levels of arcade action.

Crated for the Major Jam 3, Starlock is an excellent little old school arcade action platformer where you make your escape from a strange facility after waking up in a suspension tube. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, with you … Read More

Tactical Crisis – Game Jam Build

Tactical Crisis blends turn-based tactics with Time Crisis-esque shooting gallery gameplay to create a fast paced and fun little bite-sized shooting strategy adventure.

Created for the Secret Santa Jam, Tactical Crisis is essentially Time Crisis reimagined as a turn-based tactics game. The game features traditional grid-based turn-based movement, but when you attack then the game shifts to a first person view and you use … Read More