The Howler – Game Jam Build

The Howler is a short and beautifully drawn little game where you make a lot of angry noise to gain followers.

There’s no description or backstory for The Howler, but the message behind it seems to be quite pertinent to the current political climate. In the game you control a little artist who can let out a big angry howl by pressing the left … Read More

This Box Conveys People – Game Jam Build Download

This Box Conveys People is a short narrative-driven experience where you and a couple of other damned souls descend down the depths of the “Crevice” where you’ll work the rest of your lives to pay off your unresolved debt.

In This Box Conveys People you have just been sentenced to go mining down at the bottom of a vast crevice to pay off your unresolved … Read More

Story of the Mirror – Game Jam Build Download

Story of the Mirror is a creepy little PICO-8 based horror adventure where you step into a dark mirror world filled with the soulless reflections of your being.

Taking around 5-10 minutes to play through, Story of the Mirror is a bite sized horror adventure with a creepy FAITH-esque CGA/MS-DOS visual style. In the game you take control of a young boy who sets … Read More

Pawnbarian – Alpha Download

Pawnbarian features an innovative mash-up of Chess, deck-building and dungeon crawling roguelike gameplay as you choose which moves to use in turn based-battles against hordes of enemies.

In Pawnbarian you take control of the titular Pawnbarian and attempt to fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging dungeons. Your movement is controlled by the cards you draw from the deck each turn – so … Read More

When Nothing Came – Game Jam Build

When Nothing Came is a narrative exploration experience that play like an interactive poem as you explore a world full of words and beautiful hand drawn artwork.

When Nothing Came tells a sad story, through a bunch of little poems, all weaving and circling hand drawn graphics that appear as you walk. You play a little flower, who seems to be the ‘she’ poems are … Read More