Super Furniture Man – Game Jam Build

Super Furniture Man is a short narrative driven physics based platforming adventure about a man who is trying to save his beloved possessions from in incoming flood.

Super Furniture Man is a short platforming adventure about a man who is so attached to his furniture that he actually called himself “Super Furniture Man”. In this game he’s not just emotionally attached to the furniture, but … Read More

Unmasking the Brain Burglar – Game Jam Build

Unmasking the Brain Burglar is a lighthearted little puzzle adventure where you poke the face of your brain-stealing suspect to see through his numerous clever(ish) disguises.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Unmasking the Brain Burglar puts you in the role of Inspector Fetchum – a dog detective who has been tasked with tracking down the nefarious a murderous mastermind called the Brain Burglar. … Read More

Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening – Game Jam Build

Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening is a very silly little stealth farting game where you control a man with a fully functioning butt for a head, who is attempting to hand out fliers for the grand opening of his restaurant.

Mr. Buttman suffers from a very rare abnormality – he has a butt for a head. Despite his affliction he lives a fairly normal life and … Read More

Everyone’s Sky – Game Jam Build

Everyone’s Sky, an Asteroids-esque space shooter made for the JS13K competition, sees you roaming around space, taking calls from planets, making friends, making enemies and doing odd jobs.

In Everyone’s Sky you fly around space, shooting meteors to collect resources and contacting planets. Some planets are already enemies, while others are friends. You can choose to ignore messages or take them if you … Read More

The Resistance – Game Jam Build

The Resistance is a clever little puzzle platformer where you work cooperatively with previous recordings of yourself to help a bunch of single use batteries reach the prophesied Land of Ohm.

In The Resistance you take control of a group of single use batteries who are fed up of being drained of their power then thanklessly tossed aside. They now seek refuge in the prophesied … Read More