Please Player – Game Jam Build

Please Player is a hilarious and incredibly brutal little game where you press a big red button to violently murder various game characters that are presented to you.

Definitely not for the squeamish, the gameplay in Please Player is extremely simple – you have to “fight” your way through a series of video game characters by pressing the big red button at the top of … Read More

Lore Finder – Kickstarter Demo

Lore Finder is a stylish retro 2D cosmic horror action platformer metroidvania in which you search a monster infested mansion for your missing father, with only your wits, a revolver and some scrolls of forbidden lore to help you.

Currently in development by Kitsune Games (creators of Midboss), in Lore Finder you take control of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator who is searching an … Read More

Soul Side – Game Jam Build

Soul Side is an incredibly tough puzzle platformer where you can’t control your character’s movement, all you can control are their abilities.

In Soul Side your character continually walks in whatever direction they’re facing until they hit an obstruction and turn around (or hit a hazard and die). You can’t control their movement, but you can control their abilities to help you get through each … Read More

The Man Who Fell Sideways – Game Jam Build

The Man Who Fell Sideways is a deviously designed XKCD comic strip inspired dual character puzzle platformer where one character experiences gravity vertically and the other experiences gravity horizontally.

Based on the XKCD comic strip of the same name, The Man Who Fell Sideways is a very tricky gravity bending puzzle platformer that requires two characters who exist on different planes of gravity to … Read More