Bubumbu – Beta Demo

Bubumbu is a charming little hand drawn puzzler where you explore a beautifully drawn seaside landscape and attempt to return objects to the places they’re needed.

In Bubumbu you control a little jigsaw piece that contains a certain object that one of the characters (or objects) in a large, hand drawn scene needs. Your task is simply to explore the scene and press the spacebar … Read More

Point Line – Game Jam Build

Point Line is a stylish and super tough reflex testing single button arcade game where you attempt to dash between points in each level without being hit by any of the colored lines that dart around the screen.

The gameplay in Point Line is very simple but very hard to master. In each level your aim is to move from point-to-point along constellation-esque patterns. You … Read More

Sacrifights – Game jam Build

Sacrifights is a fun little boss battling top-down shooter where you make sacrifices, battle summoned monsters and eat their organs to earn enough powers to defeat a huge demonic monster that’s coming to get you in 7 days.

After messing about with an ancient ritual you’ve summoned a huge demonic monster that’s promised to come back and kill you in 7 days. You now have … Read More

A Cup’s Life – Game Jam Build

In A Cup’s Life, you control a little cup that spills a bit of water with each move that it makes, with the hopes of making it all the way across a huge kitchen table to a meet your friends.

A tea cup without water is one that shatters and breaks, or at least, this specific cup seems to be unable to survive without … Read More

Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman – Game Jam Build

Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman is a fun little game which sees you going door-to-door, tempting people to trade their souls for wishes.

In Knock Knock Traveling Soulsman you work for the devil as a travelling soulsman. The job requires you to go door-to-door and offer wishes in exchange for people’s souls. The only problem is that you’re not very good with it – in fact … Read More