It’s a Wrap – Game Jam Build Download

It’s a Wrap is an inventive little puzzle platforming game where you take on the role of a movie director and decide at what times parts of each scene start to move as the film’s hero tries to complete their goal.

Created for the Brackey’s Jam 2020, in It’s a Wrap each level is a scripted scene that you get to control when the various … Read More

Pants – Game Jam Build

Pants is a very funny little low rez point and click adventure that takes some hilarious twists as you go in search of your missing pants.

Created for LOWREZJAM 2020, Pants is a short and delightfully silly little point and click adventure about one man’s search for his missing pants. After waking up in the street with no memory of how you got there and … Read More

rococo – Game Jam Build

rococo is a spooky and surreal little dream-like adventure where the ground is a giant trampoline that you jump on to eat cookies and reach the moon.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams jam, rococo is a short and stylish little spooky game set in a surreal dreamworld where you can bounce on the ground like a trampoline. Your aim is to jump … Read More

How To Make a Cup of Tea – Game Jam Build

How To Make a Cup of Tea is a surreal and oddly unsettling little experience where you seem to go insane while making cups of tea.

In How To Make a Cup of Tea you spend your time making a good old British cup of tea, then serving them to someone through a mysterious door. The steps for making a perfect cup of tea are … Read More

Donkey Kong Game & Watch – Game Jam Build

Donkey Kong Game & Watch is a wonderfully authentic browser-based version of the classic 1982 Nintendo Game & Watch game, recreated in all its LCD glory.

Created in just a few hours for the Practice Circle Game Jam, it has all the features of the classic Donkey Kong Game & Watch game – including an A and B game mode and even the option to … Read More