Spring Cleaning – Game Jam Build

Spring Cleaning is a creepy little 1-bit styled psychological horror game where you really put your heart into doing a list of household chores as you overcome your grief and face your demons.

In Spring Cleaning you control a hand using your mouse and use it to carry out a list of spring cleaning chores – clean out a drawer, sort and box some items, … Read More

Tiny Fragments – Game Jam Build

Tiny Fragments is a fun little pixel art puzzle game where you rearrange the tiles that make up the levels to help your character avoid hazards and collect fruit.

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in Tiny Fragments you can’t control the character, but you can control what areas of the level it walks through. Your character auto-walks like a Lemming and each level is made … Read More

SPACE TO INVESTIGATE – Game Jam Build Download

SPACE TO INVESTIGATE is an eerie little mystery adventure where you investigate a brutal murder in a creepy town where the locals all look after each other.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend jam, SPACE TO INVESTIGATE is a short, stylish and surprisingly creepy little first person detective game set in a town that’s not keen to give up its secrets. You examine a … Read More

Project Trap – Alpha Download

Project Trap is a fantastic little Game Boy styled homage to Silent Hills P.T. which sees you trapped in a strangely familiar house with some very dark secrets.

The layout of the house in Project Trap will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s played the Silent Hills P.T. demo, albeit this time it’s viewed from a top-down view and created in a glorious green-hued Game … Read More

Rupert Reset – Game Jam Build

Rupert Reset is an inventive little puzzle platformer where each level has a large reset button in it, which you can jump on to reset certain elements of the level.

Created for Stencyl Jam #19, In Rupert Reset you control a cute little pig as it tries to make its way to the exit of each level. This generally requires you collecting keys and unlocking … Read More