Memories – Game Jam Build

Memories is a charming and touching little low rez puzzle adventure where you help your grandmother remember her lost memories.

Created for the Low Rez Jam 2019, Memories is a beautifully crafted little adventure about rediscovering memories. You take on the role of a young girl who must explore and solve puzzles to recover lost trinkets that help your grandmother recall some of her most … Read More

Deleveled – Alpha Demo

Deleveled is a cleverly crafted physics based puzzle platformer where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a game jam prototype, the devs of Deleveled are now continuing to expand the game for a full release on Steam and Switch. It’s a simple looking but very inventive puzzle platformer where you simultaneously control two … Read More

Demon Burst – Game Jam Build

Demon Burst is a fun little game that delivers a very authentic old school arcade action platforming experience as you battle your way up a monster-filled tower.

While a lot of games look like retro arcade games nowadays, not many of them actually play like them. Step forward Demon Burst, a tower-climbing monster battling action platformer that plays as old school as it looks. … Read More

Pixel Soldier – Alpha Demo

Pixel Soldier is a stylish and fast paced boss battling shooter where you can dash across the stage and cling to the sides as you blast your way through enemies.

In Pixel Soldier the whole world revolves around your little gun-toting blob shaped soldier as you slide, dash and blast your way through an assortment of enemies and bosses. It’s a fast paced arcade shooter, … Read More

Mega Man Royale – Open Beta

Mega Man Royale is a browser based fan made Mega Man game that allows players to race through a variety of classic Mega Man levels, with the winner being the one who kills the boss first.

A little like the now defunct Mario Royale, Mega Man Royale allows players to face off against each other as they race through classic Mega Man levels. The … Read More