Badass Inc. – Game Jam Build

badass inc

Badass Inc. is a well crafted pixelated cyberpunk action adventure game, in which you play as a badass assassin with a mission to kill your client’s target in an ‘unconventional’ way.

Inspired by classics such as Blade Runner, Another World and Flashback, Badass Inc. offers a blend of point and click adventure styled puzzles, interspersed with action focused shootouts with law enforcement.  You play … Read More

The Rock the Paper and the Scissors – Game Jam Build


The Rock the Paper and the Scissors is a western themed arcade rhythm action game in which you storm a train, taking on dangerous bandits in fast paced Rock, Paper, Scissors Battles.

As you proceed from carriage to carriage, you do battle with nefarious bandits in deadly Rock, Paper, Scissors battles.  The rules are simple – Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper. Paper beats rock.  … Read More

Kick Ass Commandos – Alpha Demo

kick ass commandos

Kick Ass Commandos a fun top-down pixel art Cannon Fodder/Ikari Warriors-esque shooter, full of carnage, OTT weaponry and recruitable commandos that join your squad, turning you from a lone wolf into a wolf pack of bombastic destruction.

The game plays a lot like your typical top down shooter, with WASD used to move and the mouse to aim and fire.  What makes Kick Ass Read More

Theropods – Game Jam Build


Theropods is a charming pixel art point and click adventure where you play as a jungle woman surviving in a land of deadly dinosaurs.

You’ve been separated from your companion and must set out on a journey to save him.  It’s a fairly short game, lasting around five minutes, but features clever puzzle design, and excellent pixel art animation.  The story, animation, characters and settings … Read More

Flail Rider – Game Jam Build Download

Flail Rider

Flail Rider, an arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 32, will have you flailing a giant spiked ball attempting to destroy everything in sight within a time limit.

In this colorful, addicting game, you must drive around a small car with a huge spiked ball attached to the back of it, destroying as much as you can in just one minute. This ball … Read More