Dirty Hands – Open Beta

dirty hands game

How far would you go to find out the truth?  Dirty Hands puts you in the role of a CIA interrogator who must discover the location of a terrorist bomb at all costs.

You have a variety of interrogation methods available to to you as you decide how to tackle your suspects.  You can use their personal information to find clues and possible avenues of … Read More

Being Her Darkest Friend – Game Jam Build Download

being her darkest friend

AdventureJam entry Being Her Darkest Friend is an excellently-orchestrated installment following A Fragment of Her, developer Chronerion’s entry in Point & Click Jam in 2014.

The game makes light of a theme so painfully relevant to many people, artists in particular. Following a dark situation that has befallen point character Selena, the story begins in what seems to be a nightmare, or another realm. … Read More

Gibson Hyperdrive – Prototype

Gibson Hyperdrive

Gibson Hyperdrive is a very cool futuristic bike racing game that sees you driving at break neck speeds along super tough procedurally generated floating tracks.

Playing like a bat-shit-crazy mix of Super Hexagon an F-Zero, Gibson Hyperdrive impresses with it’s speed, striking visual style and audio design.  Played entirely with A, D and Spacebar, you simply have to stay on the track for as … Read More

Sam – Beta Demo


Sam is probably the worlds first REAL interactive comic – a beautifully drawn comic book adventure that you can actually interact with (not just click through lines of dialogue and scroll through artwork).

The story, told entirely without dialogue, revolves around death – a father and daughter plagued with a mysterious sickness are scraping by on a decaying Earth – a once bountiful planet now … Read More

Fathom – Game Jam Build


Fathom, an impressive action platformer made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you bending time and bullets.

You play as a small robot who is able to control time, but is a prisoner, looking to escape a world full of bullet firing turrets. Seeking freedom, the only power you have to rely on is the ability to slow down time, almost to a halt. … Read More