The Long Path – Prototype Download

the long path

The Long Path is a challenging gravity-rotating endless runner with stylish black and white visuals and an immersive, ambient soundtrack.

The control scheme is simple – ‘left’ and ‘right’ are used to rotate the world and ‘up’ is used to jump over gaps.  As you continue forever onwards, ground sections fly in as the procedurally generated track assembles itself before your eyes.  All you have … Read More

Manuel – Game Jam Build


Manuel, a game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam, may have you addicted to a simple skateboard trick.

This charming game has you performing manuals and nose manuels  (sort of like a wheelies and endos but on a skateboard).  Half of your skateboard is green, the other half is pink. The sidewalk also matches that color, being either green or pink. Depending on the … Read More

You Must Escape – Game Jam Build

You Must Escape

You Must Escape, a game made for the Ludum Dare 26, has you using echolocation to find your way around pitch black levels.

As you walk around each level, the sound of your footsteps cast white lines around the room. These lines help show what is ahead and around you. You can also make clicking sounds to widen the area you are able to … Read More

Parapapa – GameJam Build


Parapapa, a charming game made for the Global Game Jam 15, has you guiding your brothers and sisters through a huge, scary trap-filled castle.

Being the older sibling, your brothers and sisters look up to you. In this time of fear and danger, you must guide them around a castle, collecting coins along the way. Your brother and sister both follow you all the … Read More