PES 22 – Open Beta (Playstation & Xbox)

PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X owners can now download and play the open Beta for PES 22, oddly titled in the online store as “New Football Game Online Performance Test“.

PES has been second fiddle to the FIFA series for a while now, but PES 22 is making some serious strides to try and take EA’s crown. Obviously PES … Read More

TUNIC – Beta Demo (Xbox)

A new demo is available on Xbox for TUNIC – the beautiful isometric action RPG where a cute little fox embarks on an adventure that plays like a blend of Zelda and Dark Souls.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, TUNIC is a delightful and surprisingly challenging isometric action RPG starring an adorable little fox in a tunic. Its main … Read More

Sable – Beta Demo (Steam & Xbox)

Sable is a beautiful third person adventure where a young woman embarks on a rite of passage in a vast open world filled with ancient wonders.

In Sable you take control of the titular Sable, a young woman who is about to embark on a rite of passage called the Gliding. She lives in a small desert colony but her journey will take her far … Read More