Olija – Beta Demo

Olija is a beautifully animated pixel art action platforming adventure where you use a legendary harpoon with teleportation powers to fight your way through a strange world inspired by sailors’ legends and Asian fantasy.

In Olija you take on the role of Faraday, an explorer who ends up shipwrecked on a mysterious island inhabited by a hostile tribe and some demonic monsters. You’re pretty nimble … Read More

Hyper Scape – Open Beta

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s new futuristic urban battle royale game is now in open Beta, with PC players able to jump in now to start shooting and hacking their way to glory.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of weeks ago during the closed Beta sign up, Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s take on the battle royale genre, and so far it’s leaving a … Read More

QWERTY – Game Jam Build Download

QWERTY is a fun little typing horror game where you’re taught touch-typing by a qualified instructor who has something to hide.

In QWERTY you have just started up your WellType Keyboarding Interactive Limited Learning Software and are ready to learn the art of touch-typing. You have an online instructor who will talk you through the experience, but it appears he’s not the only one here…… Read More

Disc Room – Beta Demo

Disc Room is a brutally tough Sci-Fi arcade avoid ‘em up where a scientist makes his way through a labyrinthine intergalactic slaughterhouse filled with spinning discs of death.

In Disc Room you follow the adventure of a brave astronaut scientist who is exploring the interior of a gigantic metallic disc that has mysteriously appeared in the orbit of Jupiter. Unfortunately for you it’s made up … Read More