Timothy and the Tower of Mu – Alpha Demo

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is a brutally tough hardcore precision platforming adventure where you attempt to climb to the top of a mysical tower to save your grandfather.

In Timothy and the Tower of Mu you follow the adventure of Timothy, a young boy whose grandfather has recently died. Armed with a catapult and some nifty climbing skills, Timothy sets out in search … Read More

Needlesong – Prototype Download

Needlesong is a stylish little top-down twin-stick shooter where you kill your enemies with a mind controlled needle.

In Needlesong you control a little wizard who has a mind-controlled needle, much like Yondu’s arrow in Guardians of the Galaxy. Best played with a control pad, you control the wizard with the left analog stick and the arrow with the right analog stick, and you can … Read More

Night of the Scarecrows – Steam Key Giveaway

Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore first person horror arena shooter where you’re doing well if you manage to stay alive for more than a couple of minutes as you’re swarmed by bloodthirsty scarecrows.

Feeling a little like you’ve stepped into a cult VHS horror movie from the 80s/90s, Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore arena shooter that tests your your shooting skills … Read More