Shadows of Kelper – Alpha Demo

Shadows of Kelper is a first person survival horror adventure set aboard a spaceship that’s suffered catastrophic damage and is grotesque Lovecraftian tentacle monsters and freaky mutant abominations.

In Shadows of Kelper you follow the journey of Sergeant Cooper, a crewmember of a spaceship bound for the planet Kelper. The current demo build takes place aboard the spaceship and sees Cooper waking up half-naked in … Read More

Orudo Taima – Game Jam Build Download

Orudo Taima is a quirky 2D action platformer where you explore an island, battle weird goblin monsters and attempt to scavenge resources to fix up your boat.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Orudo Taima you take control of an old man who is the last (human) inhabitant on a forsaken island. After receiving a message that he may be a father the old man … Read More