Down The Well – Pre-Alpha Demo

Down The Well is a dark third person fairytale adventure that draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore as you unearth the mysteries of a magical forest inhabited by mythical beasts.

In Down The Well you take control of Tay, a young girl with a troll friend called Folog. You explore a mysterious wooded underworld and attempt to find meaning in it, discovering clues, solving puzzles, crafting … Read More

Vind – Prototype Download

Vind is a breathtakingly beautiful non-combative third person exploration adventure which sees you flying around a land of floating islands, assisting the inhabitants to help make their lives happy again.

In Vind you take control of a shapeshifter who can transform into a majestic bird and soar through the sky. You have been sent by your people to the ruins of a once great civilisation … Read More

Tom Cruiser’s Bounty – Student Project Game

Tom Cruiser’s Bounty is a fun little on-rails space shooting romp where you fly through space and the vast city of Space Vegas, attempting to hunt down an evil mastermind called Peter.

In Tom Cruiser’s Bounty you take control of Tom Cruiser (possibly Tom Cruise’s great great grandson), a bounty hunter who is chasing an elusive target through space. The game takes around 15 minutes … Read More

Silver Night’s Crusaders – Alpha Demo

Silver Night’s Crusaders is a beautifully animated side-scrolling arcade hack n’ slash Castlevania fan game that sees three unique protagonists attempting to conquer Dracula’s castle.

Created in OpenBOR, Silver Night’s Crusaders allows you to choose from a selection of three characters (Ethan Graymont, Francis Bloodrose and Sheeba Faulkner), then embark on a Castlevania based monster-slaying arcade romp. Each character has their own unique weapons and … Read More

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon – Beta Download

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon is a very addictive racing car based incremental clicker which sees you earning upgrades, recruiting a crew, unlocking cars and generally making all of your stats go up as you race along highways.

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon is very much an incremental clicker so don’t expect to be able to actually drive your car – you simply click to … Read More