Deep Sleep – Game Jam Build Download

Deep Sleep is a fun little pixel art platformer where you attempt to collect all the alarm clocks and escape from each level while being chased by recordings of yourself.

Created for the VimJam: Collectables game jam, in Deep Sleep you need to wake up and go to work, but first you’ll need to collect all the alarm clocks scattered around your dream. In each … Read More

Cramped Room of Death – Alpha Demo

Cramped Room of Death is an inventive little puzzle game where you need to maneuver your character and their long weapon through a cramped tile-based dungeon.

In Cramped Room of Death your character and their weapon take up two spaces on the floor of the dungeon you’re exploring. As the title suggests, the dungeon is a little cramped though so you need to plan your … Read More

Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger – Game Jam Build Download

Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger is a creepy and unsettling pixel art visual novel which sees you taking part in a revolutionary therapy session with a creepy therapist who has some very unorthodox methods.

Created for the Spooktober 2nd Annual Visual Novel Jam, In Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger you take on the role of a new patient who is (involuntarily) partaking in a therapy … Read More

Noch – Beta Demo

Noch is a surreal narrative-driven survival horror adventure set in a strange reality where a girl called Lisa has destroyed the world.

In Noch you find yourself driving along a highway in a broken world that’s been destroyed by a girl. Bizarre visions appear in the skies, shadowy wolf-like beasts hunt you and a mysterious demon taunts you at every turn. It feels like you’re … Read More