The Notzing Project – Game Jam Build

The Notzing Project is a narrative driven first person Sci-Fi horror game with a time-travelling TV monster that you physically can’t look away from.

You start The Notzing Project alone in a room in a mysterious underground facility. Something has clearly gone wrong – the power is out, the facility is abandoned and there are TVs playing static everywhere. You piece together what happened by … Read More

Aliens: Eradication – Beta Demo

Aliens: Eradication is a fantastic Doom 2 total conversion mod that sees you exploring a secret second research colony on LV426 that’s been struggling with the consequences of a containment breach.

We don’t cover Mods on Alpha Beta Gamer very often, but Aliens: Eradication is a particularly good project that is worth shouting about. It’s a full Aliens themed single player FPS which uses assets … Read More

Detective – Game Jam Build

Detective is an odd little fast paced puzzle adventure where you set out to investigate a group of missing people, but soon find yourself trapped in a time loop.

Created for the gm48 jam, in Detective you take on the role of the titular detective as he investigates the disappearance of a group of people last seen around Richmond Castle. However, while carrying out the … Read More