Obelisk – Student Game Download


Obelisk is an innovative puzzle platformer from students of the DigiPen Institute in which you simultaneously control a character stuck in the shadow world and a fairy who acts as a light source (therefore controlling the shadows).

Awakening as a shadow of your former self (literally), with no memory and only able to interact with shadows, you must guide your character through five stages to … Read More

Pyramid – Game Jam Build Download


Pyramid is an addictive clicker game, made for the God Jam It!, where you are an Egyptian God, working within a time limit, to build a 9 level pyramid.

In this unique clicker, you are a God who must ‘persuade’ his followers to build a giant pyramid in your honor. Even Gods have time restraints, as you must get this whole structure built in … Read More

Barbara-ian – Beta Download

barbara-ian gif

Barbara-ian is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler that focuses on destruction and pure action, with fast paced combat where you’re always one hit away from instant death.

With you taking on the role of a super-tough female viking warrior, Barbara-ian strips away all the unnecessary clutter that slow down the action in your typical dungeon crawler.  There’s a nice selection of weaponry to be found, … Read More

St Peter’s Judge-O-Rama – Game Jam Build Download

st peters judge o rama

St Peter’s Judge-O-Rama is a fast paced, addictive game, made for God Jam It!, that puts you in the shoes the saintly gate keeper himself, deciding who’s allowed in through the pearly gates and who is cast into eternal damnation.

God has trusted you to filter out the people that must go to hell from all of the people who have died and are trying … Read More