Shapin’ Up – Game Jam Build

Shapin’ Up is a fun little minimalist side scrolling shoot ‘em up where you transform between four different types of ship as you blast your way through an 8th grader’s notebook.

In Shapin’ Up you control a little paper ship as it shoots and flies though swarms of enemies. You start as a fairly normal arrow shapes ship which fires forwards, but every few seconds … Read More

Artificial Resident – Prototype Download

Artificial Resident is a cleverly designed Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you transfer your consciousness between robotic bodies and solve challenging puzzles inside a massive test facility.

In Artificial Resident you are given the chance to host your consciousness in a robotic body which won’t perish like flesh and bone, but you must prove that you’re worthy by making your way through a … Read More

Tunche – Kickstarter Demo

Tunche is a side scrolling beat ‘em up adventure with fluid combat, roguelike elements, skill trees and beautifully animated hand-drawn artwork.

Playable with one to four players, Tunche is a 2D beat-em up adventure set within a magical Amazonian jungle, which sees you fighting your way through hordes of beasts in search of the Tunche – a mythical creature “of no discernible shape that confronts … Read More