Beach Date – Game Jam Build

Beach Date is a strange, silly and surprisingly intimate little physics-based dating game in which you cover your date with sand, potato chips and wine while enjoying a sunset on the beach.

In Beach Date you use the mouse to control a single arm of a young woman who is sat with her date on the beach. You can use your arm to touch your … Read More

CubedCubed – Alpha Download

CubedCubed is a super stylish and addictive Superhypercube-esque arcade puzzler that plays like a blend of Tetris and The Hole in the Wall TV show, with you trying to rotate an ever growing cluster of cubes so that it fits through the holes in the walls coming towards you.

In CubedCubed you start the game with a single cube, which you can rotate around … Read More

Stockman – Student Project Game

Stockman is a Horde Mode style arena FPS, with fast paced gameplay, stackable perks and lots of different types of enemy to deal with across ten rounds of run n’ gun action.

Stockman features Horde Mode first person run n’ gun fun that’s easy to pick up and play by hard to beat. You start the game by choosing two abilities from a choice of … Read More

Wake of Poseidon – Alpha Demo

Wake of Poseidon is fast paced run n’ gun bullet hell twin-stick action platformer that sees you battling against the armies of Poseidon who has waged a war against the entire galaxy.

Playable in single player or local co-op, Wake of Poseidon sees you entering Poseidon’s realm, defeating his champions and putting a stop to his tyranny. The current Alpha demo build takes around 15 … Read More