ClayTown Horror – Alpha Demo

ClayTown Horror is a very creepy claymation styled first person horror game where you find yourself trapped in a cardboard dollhouse that’s home to murderous clay monstrosities.

In ClayTown Horror you are a lone visitor to a mysterious cardboard dollhouse. The reason for your visit can differ each time you play, but one thing is always the same – the dollhouse is creepy as hell! … Read More

The War Will Win – Kickstarter Demo

The War Will Win is a narrative driven medieval fantasy deck-building turn-based tactics game where you command your army in strategic battles that will determine the fate of the kingdom.

In The War Will Win you’ll choose a faction and a commander and embark on a branching storyline that’s affected by your actions. In your story you’re the hero, but there are two sides to … Read More

Micro Arcade – Game Jam Build Download

Micro Arcade is a fun little first person game where you move a tiny little character around the controls of an arcade cabinet to make them play a 3D tank game!

Created for the Video games Lab Game Jam 2021, in Micro Arcade you have gone to play the T.A.N.K. game at your local video game arcade. However, you don’t pay for the game with … Read More