Loretta – Beta Demo

Loretta is a dark psychological thriller/horror game that tells the story of an unsatisfied 1940’s housewife who reaches her breaking point.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a short prototype, the latest build of Loretta is much longer and delves into the story of Loretta’s unhappy family life. It’s a narrative-driven adventure where your choices affect how the story plays out … Read More

Hello – Alpha Download

Hello is a short and surreal little horror game where you make some startling discoveries while exploring a mysterious quarantine apartment block in Russia.

In Hello you are an operative who has been sent in to investigate a quarantined apartment building. You need to document your findings and relay them back to your coworker via your radio. At first the apartment seems fairly normal, but … Read More

Illuminate – Alpha Demo

Illuminate is an inventive 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you dual-control one character with the keyboard and one with the mouse as they make their way through a dangerous dark world.

In Illuminate you control one character with the keyboard much like in any traditional platformer, but you also control a little forest spirit using the mouse. The forest spirit flies around and follows your … Read More