Jason The Greek – Alpha Demo

Jason the Greek

Jason The Greek is a point-and-click adventure game retelling the ancient epic of Jason and the Argonauts but with a twist of modern humor and a sprinkling of Star Trek references.

You play as the titular character of Jason as he attempts to reunite with his crew following some shark-related incident on the high seas. Jason The Greek follows closely in the footsteps of the … Read More

Loss Of Fluid – Game Jam Build Download

loss of fluid

Loss of Fluid is a tricky flight simulation game that challenges you to perform an emergency landing of a malfunctioning cargo plane.

Loss of Fluid picks up just as your plane’s hydraulic and fuel systems fail, causing you to lose control of your landing gear and ailerons and the plane to rapidly eject its remaining fuel reserves. In order to safely land the plane, you’ll … Read More

.ritual – Alpha Demo

dotritual download

.ritual is a stylish low-poly, first-person puzzle adventure game where you play as a young space wizard exploring a long forgotten city.

As you explore the ruins of the world, you must collect and reunite the scattered shards of an ancient, unknowable relic. Navigating this strange realm requires powering a series of architectural artifacts using the colored power orbs you find strewn across the land. … Read More

Dark Night: The Horror Game – Alpha Demo

Dark Night

Dark Night: The Horror Game, a game being created by NightHood Games, is a simplistic looking, but extremely creepy and jump scare filled survival horror game that will make your skin crawl and hands shake with fear.

You wake up at 1am, woken by strange sounds and stirring shadows. You light a candle to help see into the dark, that feels as though it’s … Read More

Slipstream – Beta Demo


Slipstream is a stylish, retro racing game with branching raceways and a tight set of drifting and slipstreaming mechanics that add a welcome layer of depth to the genre.

We covered the Slipstream Pre-Alpha Demo previously on Alpha Beta Gamer and the game has certainly come a long way since its previous build. With tighter controls and enhanced UI, Slipstream feels more and more like … Read More