Enliven – Game Jam Build Download


Enliven, a game created by Lonebot (Patacorow) for the Ludum Dare 34 Challenge, is a extremely cute puzzle platformer in which you plant seeds and grow different flowers to help you reach your exit.

In Enliven you play as a cute little fungus that wanders the forest without a care in the world. As you journey through the lush and colourful environment you will … Read More

GiAnt – Alpha Demo

GiAnt Game

GiAnt is a fun new first person platforming adventure that shows you the world from a new perspective – with you taking control of Adam the Ant as he avoids chickens, dogs and humans, navigates obstacles and searches the world for sweets to take back to his colony.

Seeing the world from an ants-eye-view is a very cool experience, as everyday objects loom over you … Read More

Spinning Around – Game Jam Build Download

Spinning Around

Spinning Around, a revolving platformer made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you solving puzzles and climbing a tower to save a robot princess.

In this 3D puzzle game, you are a simple robot looking to save his love. Your robot princess is trapped in a circular staircase much like your own, only it is very short, not able to reach the top. As … Read More