Me – Game Jam Build Download


Me is a short and visually spectacular 2D side-scrolling action game created for Ludum Dare 33 that sees you hunting a mighty beast across beautiful hand painted backdrops.

Created with the Unreal Engine, in Me you control a hunter who moves with WASD and aims with the mouse. Me is VERY short, and can be completed in just a few minutes, but it’s certainly worth … Read More

Late Night Shop – Pre-Alpha Download

late night shop

Late Night Shop is a terrifying first person horror in which you must escape from evil mannequins that move and stalk you whenever you’re not looking.

Compatible with standard screens or Oculus Rift (and far more terrifying on Rift), Late Night Shop uses the same freaky scare technique as Five Nights At Freddy’s and the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who for some truly pant wetting … Read More

Wild Flirting – Game Jam Build Download

Wild Flirting

Wild Flirting, a fun game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you looking for a potential mate via a dating app on your phone and trying not to scare them off with your beast-like behaviour.

You have been quite lonely lately. Being a monster, you aren’t too good at normal social conventions, though you want to try your luck at love. After practicing … Read More