Player vs Game – Game Jam Build Download

player vs game download

Player vs Game, is a thoroughly evil pixel art platformer made for the Familiar Game Jam 5 that trolls you with glitches in an attempt to stop you from completing the level.

Your goal is to collect a coin and bring it to an arcade machine. This may seem like an easy task, but using its glitch powers, the game will do whatever it … Read More

Mind The Traps – Prototype Download

Mind The Traps

Mind The Traps is a fun multiplayer dungeon crawler with a unique blend of co-operation and betrayal as you bump your friends into traps to clear the way for yourself or just to gain the upper hand.

Your goal in Mind The Traps is to make it to the end of a dungeon filled with deadly traps and obstacles.  To do this you’ll have to … Read More

Infinite Adventures – Pre-Alpha Demo

inite adventures

Infinite Adventures is a great looking D&D inspired dungeon crawling RPG with first person exploration in a similar vein as Legend of Grimrock and Dungeon Master, and anime-style artwork, deep turn based tactical gameplay and a blend of scripted and procedurally generated dungeon design (which do indeed allow for infinite adventures).

In Infinite Adventures players control a party of six, which can be created from … Read More

Husk – Playable Teaser Download

Husk game

Husk is a very creepy first person horror adventure in which you play a man trapped in a mysterious abandoned hospital with Silent Hills PT-esque loping corridors and high fidelity visuals.

The full game of Husk you will be a full adventure horror experience, complete with combat, scavenging for supplies and puzzles, as you immerse yourself in a rich story with multiple endings.  The … Read More

The Letter – Alpha Demo

the letter

The Letter is a well crafted visual novel horror game with six playable characters, high production values, jump scares and engaging quick-time events, which revolves around a chain letter found in a haunted mansion which states ‘Send this to 5 people or else…’

The Letter combines high quality artwork and animation with a creepy story inspired by Ju-On: The Grudge & The Ring to create … Read More