Polyguys – Student Project Download


Polyguys is a simplistic, cooperative puzzle-platformer that uses basic geometry to tell a tale of the friendship between a pair of shapes.

Polyguys starts you off with the simplest possible angular shape, the triangle, and progressively adds more sides to your polygon as the levels progress. Puzzles increase in difficulty at a reasonable rate and when playing with a friend, solving each new problem feels … Read More

Detuned – Game Jam Build Download


Detuned, a game jam game created by Paul Lawitzki, Chrisoph Rasulis and Benjamin Ruldolph for Glitch Jam, is a stylish 3D platformer with light puzzle elements that sees you adjusting your tuning to materialise objects.

The game takes place in a strange, desolate land. No colour in sight, only hues of black and grey resonate from the lifeless architecture before you. The building itself … Read More

Grim Fantasy – Game Jam Build Download

Grim Fantasy

Grim Fantasy, a miniLD #63 game, is an addictive dungeon crawler that has you completing quests for the good of the town.

It’s a challenging game, in which you attempt to become the hero of the town. The townsfolk have lost different things in the local caves, due to some strange curse. They look for you, the only person with a sword, to help … Read More