Forklift Man – Game Jam Build Download

forklift man

Forklift Man, a fun game created by Toco Games for the Ludum Dare 34, is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where you play as the most unlikely hero in the universe.

You take on the role Forklift Man, and must use your ability to navigate the puzzles in each room. You have the ability to stretch your arms and legs to impossible lengths to reach … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download (Update)

cloudbase prime games

Cloudbase Prime is an odd, little first-person shooter/platformer we’ve covered before on Alpha Beta Gamer, but the dev (Tyrus Peace) has just released a new build with some significant additions and upgrades.

In Cloudbase Prime, you play as a hapless, robo-suited miner just trying to survive your first work shift on an unstable gas giant. To complete each level, you’ll need to alternate between … Read More

Dungeons Are Random – Alpha Demo

dungeons are random

Dungeons Are Random, a game being created by Pixelbug, is a 2D action rogue-like with extremely challenging gameplay and a heavy emphasis on random level and monster generation.

A story hasn’t been set as of yet but the game places you in various location, from deserts to swamps, that hold a vast array of enemies ready to slash, chomp and spit at you until … Read More

Geminis – Game Jam Build


Geminis is an interesting platformer made for the Ludum Dare 33, in which you play conjoined twins who grudgingly perform at a circus, performing highwire acts and utilising their rather gross ability to separate to solve puzzles.

These conjoined twins are the freak show act at a circus. You, the stronger sister, can detach and reattach to your twin. You are able to switch between … Read More

Super Night Riders – Alpha Demo

Super Night Riders

Super Night Riders is an unashamedly retro arcade bike racer inspired by 80’s classics such as Super Hang on and Road Rash.

You play Alice (aka the Red Racer) as you race through the countryside avoiding other racers and chasing that all important check-point.  Similarly to OutRun, you’re not fighting for positions in a race, rather you’re racing against time – which is … Read More