Pulsr – Game Jam Build Download

pulsar game

Pulsr, a fast paced shooter made for the January 2016 Lisp Game Jam, has you shooting shapes in a bite-sized minimalist Geometry Wars-esque bullet hell

You control the main ship which is trapped in a big box on the screen. You must move around this box shooting all of the enemies that spawn in. Some enemies that appear are able to shoot you, … Read More

Trial By Viking – Beta Demo

trial by viking

Trial By Viking, a game being created by Last Life Games, is an extremely well polished, action packed sidescrolling platformer set in world of Vikings and Norse Gods.

You play as the main character in this epic tale of gods, monsters and men. Odin, King of Asgard, has charged you with ending Loki’s reign of chaos, before human kind is wiped from the face … Read More

The Box – Game Jam Build Download

The Box

The Box, a game created by Squeemish for the GDC Game Jam, is a simplistic, short and surprising, adventure of a very mysterious box of awesome.

The Box is one of those games that evolves the more you play it. Starting at as a stationary box that has just mysteriously fallen from the skies above, you must use your mouse to activate this mysterious … Read More

Overpower – Alpha Demo

overpower game

Overpower, a game being created by cleankid, is a fun arena brawler that features minor MOBA-styled abilities and fast paced action for an awesome 3rd person combat experience.

Overpower offers four different classes to choose from (Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Ranger) that offer up different combat styles that have both pros and cons for yourself and others. Each class also features different weapons, outfits … Read More

Flourish – Game Jam Build Download


Flourish is a beautiful and relaxing flying and exploration based game in which you soar through the skies to different floating islands, watching with joy as you cause life to burst free from the barren rock.

There are no set goals in Flourish, you just fly or walk around the islands, watching as plant life, trees, flowers and birds appear all around you, transferring … Read More